Was the Titanic Sinking the First Staged 9/11?

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If this is new to you strap in for a treat. As always the PTBs want more power and control and to maximize their financial advantage at whatever cost they can get away with. Rest assured that with almost every historical event we weren’t told the honest truth, and this is no exception.

You might call this a Titanic lie since it’s literally so, but whichever, always, always re-examine so called recounted history very carefully from a conscious and aware viewpoint. Their antics will be increasingly easier to spot as the dots continue to connect and the patterns reveal themselves.  

Here’s a couple of related posts and explanations leading up to the video. – Zen


Question – If it was the Olympic that sank, then what happened to the real Titanic?

Answer  –  It sailed as the Olympic up through WWI where it was converted into a troop transport, then it was finally scrapped. Watch the videos. It makes sense. J.P.Morgan cancelled his trip the same morning it sank, kinda like Lucky Larry having a doctors appointment the morning of 911.

Olympic was nailed by a military ship prior to Titanic’s completion. The repairs were too much money and White Star would’ve gone under. With an iceberg accident they would and did collect more than the ship was worth. They were 12 miles off of the rendezvous point which is why the rescue ship failed.


Here’s what was rumored right away when the Titanic went down.

The new ship was well-insured, but its already-in-use sister ship, the Olympic, had sustained damages several times — maybe hard to steer those Big Girls??

Haven’t we all thought the Titanic was the first (and only) of its kind?  Not so.  The identical-in-structure Olympic was launched earlier, a luxurious passenger liner in 1911.

But there had been incidents, accidents.  Repairs were getting out-of-sight expensive (not to mention the ship being repeatedly disabled from profitable service), and the insurance premiums were going sky-high.  (Or perhaps ocean-deep.)

Maybe the Titanic was so highly promoted as “unsinkable” because fears had developed over the Olympic’s numerous problems.

And so… while the as-yet-unlaunched Titanic sat in dock beside the banged-up Olympic, some highly paid workers made cosmetic changes (so that previous Olympic passengers would be convinced they were aboard the “new” Titanic), with Titanic letters being bolted over the Olympic letters on the prow  — the scuttlebutt is that the wreckage does reveal an exposed “M” and a “P” where there should be the “A” and “N” –

TitANic lettering overlaid on OlyMPic –

and voila!


“The Titanic” and its big insurance pay-out was ready to go down, and the Olympic would be an albatross no more.

(The empty Californian out on the ocean was awaiting the signal to come rescue everyone, but that got fouled up.  Talk about “Oops!”)  I’m pretty sure the White Star Line did not actually want to create lost-life liability, whereas the 9/11 plotters counted on great loss of life — to drive us into their desired wars.

This documentary is pretty good — LOTS more details — with the producers stating that all the information is a matter of public-domain record.



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  1. R.C. says:

    There’s one thing you can always count on, if JP Morgan is involved, it’s corrupt! So was it then & so is it now…..Just look who was one of the Federal Reserve creators & who is the major stock holder today & the Central Bank & Corporate America/World & New World Order……get the picture? Keep studying & EXPOSING…..BOYCOTT ALL THEY OWN OR CONTROL….FIGHT FOR LIBERTY & FREEDOM

  2. Mark says:

    There was a documentary on PBS about the Titanic which showed that a sister ship was being built at the same time. (with different completion dates)
    – The fate of the second ship was not mentioned.

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