Washington: Capitol building locked down after possible shots fired


Washington, DC – Police have locked down the nation’s Capitol building while they investigate the “sound of gunfire” in the garage of the Rayburn Building.

The garage is underground and adjacent to House of Representatives buildings. The entire complex has been placed on lockdown, with witnesses giving testimony to a House committee being interrupted in mid-sentence by the announcement. Reports from the Senate buildings, however, say that nothing unusual is going on and business is still continuing.  

There have been no injuries reported, nor are police looking for any suspect. At this point police are doing a level-by-level search of the garage to determine if a weapon was fired. It could take several hours for police to deal with the situation.

Reports say the Capitol Police have a firing range near the garage, but the shots were heard on a different garage level from where the range is located. According to reports, one staff member in the garage heard more than one shot fired.

The following is the text of an email forwarded to Eyewitness News by the office of Rep. Chris Chocola (R-IN02). The email was sent to all representatives by the House Emergency Communications Center:

“The US Captiol Police are continuing to investigate the report of gunshots in the Rayburn House Office Building. The Rayburn Building and garages are shut down at this time. The Longworth and Cannon Office Buildings and other garages are not affected. The Capitol Building is open for above ground access but the tunnels remain closed. As soon as the police have completed clearing the garage levels, they will begin search the remainder of the Rayburn Building beginning on the top floor and working down.”


2 thoughts on “Washington: Capitol building locked down after possible shots fired

  1. Isn’t this like the second time this week? It’s only Tuesday for cryin out loud. Try to save the fake, jumping at shadows, gunshot scare meme for Fridays.

    “Ok, everybody. It’s Friday. You know what that means…another gunfire drill.”

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