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Washington County public official goes to court in clown suit to fight $10 seat belt ticket

Fox 6 Now

WASHINGTON COUNTY — A Washington County public official stopped for a seat belt violation decided to dress up like a clown at his trial to fight the $10 ticket. The judge was not amused.

Dashcam video from August of 2017, shows a Village of Jackson police officer pulling over Washington County Board member Mark McCune.  

“The reason I stopped you is because it’s ‘Click It or Ticket’ today, and I noticed you didn’t have your seat belt on,” the officer can be heard saying in the video.

McCune was wearing his seat belt but it wasn’t up entirely.

Jackson police officer: “Did you know you are required to wear it all the way up and everything?”

McCune: “I’ve had a shoulder issue sir.”

McCune was given a ten dollar ticket for a seat belt violation.

“Unfortunately when we’re on the grant we’re not allowed to give warnings for seat belt violations,” the officer can be heard saying in the video.

McCune did not like that.

McCune: “Jesus (expletive) Christ!”

Jackson police officer: “I don’t make the rules sir.”

McCune: “I understand sir.”

Jackson police officer: “All right take care.”

McCune: “(expletive).”

Jackson police officer: “Pardon?”

McCune: “(expletive) shoulder.”

Jackson police officer: “All right. Drive safe.”

Almost a year later, McCune’s still battling the ticket.

According to court records, he pleaded not guilty and hired a Milwaukee attorney. His case went to the Mid-Moraine Municipal Court for trial on June 13. The judge was not humored by the board member’s courtroom attire as heard in an audio recording.

“Client is wearing a clown suit for a lack of a better term,” said Judge Steven Cain. “Full clown regalia including the clown shoes, makeup, wig, hat, the whole bit.”

The judge described the costume as insulting.

“It’s insulting to the court…it’s insulting to me, it’s insulting to the prosecutor. It’s insulting to the system in general.”

Judge Cain speculated McCune wore the outfit as his way of making a mockery of the court.

“It’s worth noting this is a ten dollar seat belt ticket that’s the issue here today,” Judge Cain said.

In the end the judge reassigned the case.

“I can’t hear this case in good conscience because of the way I’m fired up right now,” said Cain.

Neither McCune or his attorney could be reached for comment, despite FOX6’s multiple efforts.

Jackson Police Chief Jed Dolnick released the following statement on the case:

“This $10 ticket could have been settled in municipal court. I’m certain that Judge Cain would have considered Mr. McCune’s explanation, had he chosen to express himself in a dignified manner.”

The case will be heard in Menomonee Falls.

Washington County public official goes to court in clown suit to fight $10 seat belt ticket

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11 Responses to Washington County public official goes to court in clown suit to fight $10 seat belt ticket

  1. SKYWALKER says:

    Judy Collins – Send In The Clowns


  2. Peter says:

    The judiciaries are public servants….small government works best. The smaller the better… a jury of real peers. Think Andy Griffith…Mayberry. Everyone knows everyone and who they are and wether or not the defendant means any harm. All public servants wear attire as if in an act or a play. Life is the stage.

  3. Bluwater says:

    Wow! $10?

    $176 in San Diego, 1st offense. I think it doubles for #2

  4. Atrax says:

    “But there is an alternative: Jello Biafra, lead ranter of hardcore punks, the Dead Kennedys. The 49-year-old Biafra once stood for election as mayor of San Francisco – he came fourth out of 10 candidates, winning 3.5% of the vote, with a platform including a proposal to force all businessmen to wear clown suits to the office. Then, in 2000, he briefly ran for the US Green Party’s presidential nomination.”


    I dont agree with everything Jello Biafra says. he is basically a communist. But he WAS the guy whose music got me being politically aware at the tender age of 15 (30 years ago)…. so i guess he did a good thing. turning me into the gun toting, Bill of Rights loving, American National i am today.

    Imagine a world where the judge in an administrative court was there acting all important and solemn, in his courtroom festooned in admiralty flags, gazing down on you from his bench, over his bulbous red clown nose….

    • Peter says:

      Rosanne Barr ran under The Green Party in 2012 for President. Although she was not on the ballot in most states, she still came in 6th place. This is why people need to become enrolled and liven it up.
      How sad it took Americans so long ( 2016 DNC convention) to wake up to the Super Delegates and why a primary vote was a joke.

  5. flee says:

    Look out Democrats. ..

    Look out Republicans.

    There’s a new political party in town

    It’s the insane clown posse party.

    And don’t forget to like us on Facebook and Twitter.

  6. Northwdsnh says:

    Ha! Haven’t worn a seatbelt in 22 years. No need to…. That’s why I hate leaving my State. All my freedoms get left at the border….

  7. Martist says:

    So a guy in a clown suit is being harassed and judged by a guy in a blue ISIS costume and a tranny in a black evening gown with a hammer fetish…you can’t make this shite up.

    The clown is the only one I’d take seriously.

    • Mark Schumacher in LV says:

      Should have gone as Jethro in a grey southern confederates uniform., with a bunch of pink feathers coming out of his hat.

    • SKYWALKER says:

      I love your assessment….However I am suspicious about he clown though because he is one of those who helped draft those laws and now he feels victimized, while citizens have been victims for years and he’s now getting a taste of what he put us thru as if he’s exempt from the same laws he drafted, so i don’t feel sorry for him

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