Washington DC Zionists Welcome Al Qaeda with Open Arms

The reality of the one world order and its determination to rule arbitrarily over the people of the United States becomes more undeniable every day.  Last week members of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood came to Washington DC and met with White House Officials, though for some strange reason it cannot be said whether the meetings actually took place in the White House or not.  These meetings were said to be an effort to ease US concerns over Egypt’s uncertain future.

Now hold on just a minute here.  The Muslim Brotherhood consists of hard core extremists who advocate for absolutism under Sharia Law.  They are Al Qaeda.  Everyone does remember Al Qaeda, right?  We should, as we have spent over a trillion dollars fighting Al Qaeda over the past ten plus years in the so called “War on Terrorism”.

If held to the same standard as we common folk, shouldn’t these White House Officials be labeled as terrorists for associating with Al Qaeda?  Let’s have a reality check here.  Right now our Zionist controlled government is pushing for an invasion into Iran, stating as cause that that country’s ruling government consists of hard core Islamic extremists associated with Hamas and terrorism that intend to destroy the world with nuclear weapons.  Mind you any such invasion, if you believe the Russians and the Chinese, will lead to a third world war and the destruction of the world with nuclear weapons.

And now we see hard core Muslim extremists, associated with Hamas, in Washington DC swapping spit with the very Zionists that want us to go to war with Iran to stop the Muslim extremists.

We have to realize that the Zionists created Al Qaeda and Hamas to set the stage for the Israeli invasion and takeover of the entire Middle East and its resources.  I would think that if I were an Egyptian I might be asking what the Muslim Brotherhood is doing in the United States consorting and making deals with the Zionists who are supposed to be Egypt’s enemy.

I think it is high time all the people of the world came to the realization that the Zionists intend to conquer all and that they use fraud and bribery to get us to turn against and kill one another as a part of their international agenda.

I’ll say it again and again.  The Zionists consider all the other peoples of the world to be  animals and believe that we were put here for them to use to their benefit.  They especially enjoy sending us out to slaughter one another by the millions as a blood sacrifice to their pagan god.

We must continue to expose the Zionist movement and its infiltration into American Christianity, which can only lead to our destruction if we are foolish enough to follow not only political traitors, but spiritual ones as well, like Mike Huckabee.  We must start ignoring their twisted words and begin identifying them by their actions.

God help us to see the betrayal.

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