Washington Election Fraud – The Final Straw

The fraud surges forward in Washington State as Mitt Romney wins via the disenfranchising of thousands of voters.  As par the election fraud in Washington was no surprise.  Saturday morning I talked to a man in Seattle who had just returned from the caucuses.  In the district he lives in there were six in contention to be the single delegate.  Two were staunch Ron Paul supporters.  Two really liked Dr. Paul but professed they did not think he could be elected.  And the last two said that if Ron Paul is elected the terrorists are going to kill us.

The two who said that they liked Ron Paul but that he could not be elected were confronted by the Ron Paul supporters, using simple logic in the essence of “He cannot be elected unless you vote for him and if you do choose him, as a delegate, it is not like you are throwing your vote away in defying the dictate of the mainstream propagandists.”

The Ron Paul supporter I talked to said the couple then mentioned that they had a nephew stationed in Iraq and that he supported Ron Paul.  In the end, the Ron Paul supporters believed they had educated and won over the two doubters.  And the fellow I spoke to ended up being an alternate delegate to the one who was elected delegate who is a Ron Paul supporter.

The other two, who said the terrorists are going to get us if we elect Ron Paul, were so mush minded and brainwashed that logical discourse was out of the question.  One of these deadheads was described as very old, very fat, and sitting in a wheelchair.

It never ceases to amaze me just how stupid some of our population are.  They cannot grasp the simplest concept, like the fact that the international elitists own the mainstream media and these elitists are in it for themselves.

The fact is they despise we common folk who actually think we have a right to decide the issues that affect our lives.  If you watch these talking heads you can see, they are not very bright and they are obvious in their intent to deceive.  So how dumb does someone have to be to believe one word they are saying?  Well I guess we just went over that.

I have a message for all of you deadheaded system sucking freaks.  We are not going to live with the results of your complicity through your stupidity anymore.  And when we have taken our country back we are going to take measures to make sure the right to vote is removed from retards like you.

As for the blatant voter fraud that occurred in Washington State, this was no surprise to anyone who is not a fat ass old imbecile in a wheelchair.  The fact is Ron Paul won Washington.  Said win has been stolen from him by the good old boy fat cats who control the blatantly corrupt Republican Party.

The fellow I talked to said that after he voted he wanted to watch the count.  He was denied the right to confirm that his vote had been counted.  The votes were taken into another room to be counted behind closed doors and he was told the results would be announced through the media.

Dr. Paul’s campaign needs to file for an injunction to stop the election process until the fraud can be stopped.  And if the Republic Party, Inc. refuses, that institution’s charter needs to be revoked.  Remember people, these organizations operate and have always operated at our leave.  In short, we do not have to tolerate this treasonous assault on our 1st Amendment right to free speech and assembly.

Every American of the American race needs to contact the Ron Paul campaign and insist that action be taken as we cannot vote Dr. Paul into office in 2012 if we have been disenfranchised.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. It’s no secret to anyone who has read the articles on this site that elite are using a simple strategy: create the illusion (through media blackout of Ron Paul and voter fraud at the caucuses) that their candidate of choice is winning the vote of the American people in the hopes that the actual American people will believe the lie and fall in line like good little mindless drones. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: come Super Tuesday, if Romney wins, you can pretty much count on him being the Republican Nominee for this year’s election. Most Americans simply do not realize how brainwashed they are, much like they were back in 2008 when the elite’s puppet of choice promised the American people “hope and change”.

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