Washington Post Defends Satan, Blames Christians For Racism, Violence

World Events and the Bible

WEB Notes: I am starting to feel like we are walking down the yellow brick road. You never know what is going to pop out along the way. Now we have a Satanist who blames Christians. If I recall “Lucien Greaves” a made up name was or is an atheist. Big side shows going on here folks. Big side shows. So what is really going on…

Our Father has been removed from our nation as a whole. Not in our families of course, but at the national level there is no doubt. Our nation would make Sodom blush.

You have read a page or two of the Bible, you tell me… What happens when ancient Israel turned from our Father?

The wall of protection came tumbling down and what happened to them? Anything and everything. Their enemies overtook them or some sickness consumed them. What we have in our nation today is a spiritual sickness that is spreading far faster than any physical plague.

When God’s wall of protection comes down, naturally Satan has free reign and that is what is transpiring today. You have read Ephesian 6. Who is the enemy? Satan and his children. You need to be equipped with spiritual armour to fight against them.

How do you obtain that spiritual armour?

From a politician? No.

From a church? No.

You obtain it from the Word of God, the Bible, you obtain it from your Heavenly Father. Put it on, strap it on tight and make sure your family is wearing it too.

In the aftermath of the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia earlier this month, President Donald Trump faced heavy criticism for his initial refusal to call out the hate groups responsible for the attack that left one person dead and dozens wounded. But as Trump waffled, religious leaders, many of whom are on the president’s Evangelical Advisory Board, were quick to denounce the alt-right, KKK, and white supremacists involved as evil, satanic, and antithetical to Christian values.

While most people would not object to likening the racist and hateful ideologies of such groups to the devil, the Washington Post published a curious op-ed on Wednesday that rails against Christianity, while arguing Satan is not to blame for tragedies like Charlottesville. Written by Lucien Greaves, founder of the Satanic Temple, the article chides politicians and religious figures for “fitting the events” in Charlottesville “into their preferred narratives.” Greaves calls out “Christian leaders” like Franklin Graham for having the audacity to suggest “Satan was at fault.”

“As the co-founder of and spokesman for the Satanic Temple, I’m naturally irritated by such comments,” he wrote. “To many casual observers, there seems to be a tendency to view condemnations of white supremacy as Satanism as a triumph of progressive thought among prominent U.S. Christians.”

Source: WaPo Defends Satan, Blames Christians for Racism, Violence – Faithwire

World Events and the Bible

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  1. GeeI wonder what Satanists will do when Satan at the end times is called “Christ the Messiah”? Will the “Church of Satan” be called the “Church of Christ”?

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