Washington Surrenders the United States to Mexico

The Immigration Bill being put forth by the so called Gang of Eight can be considered nothing short of a US surrender to Mexico and the North American Union.   We are told that there are 11.2 million illegals in our country and that they are here because our Executive Branch has refused to enforce the laws legislated by the US Congress, hence the representatives of we the people.

When we tell our government to enforce our law and get the foreigners out as they are destroying our economy through their draw on our safety net and all other public services, the socialist insurgents within our government tell us that these invaders cannot be removed because it is cost prohibitive at $60 billion to remove these trespassers and secure our border.  

Now this same bunch of fraudulent actors are proposing legislation that they tell us it will cost $6.3 trillion in order to hand over a substantial portion of our country to these foreigners.

That little two faced, forked tongue, second generation Cuban-Socialist-American, Marco Rubio truly believes the American people to be dumber than dirt or more cowardly than the Lion from Oz.  He says that his fellow invaders won’t get a thing until they fill out the proper papers and meet the proper requirements.

Correct me, Marco, if I’m missing something here, but haven’t we already been paying for them every step of the way?

Have we not paid for their food through food stamps which are advertized down in Mexico?

Have we not paid for the births of their children through our hospital system that cannot refuse them nor report them for being illegal?  And if they did report them, our immigration officers are forbidden to arrest them and charge them with the felony they are committing.

Have we not provided education from pre-school through college?

Have we not been providing them public housing, in fact giving them a preferred status to step in line in front of American nationals at every instance, as not only do these criminals enjoy everything afforded to an American national but they actually have a super-citizen status here as an Hispanic minority, which if the truth were told, is on the apex of becoming the majority?

This foreign invasion has already cost us trillions and the only remedy we are being offered is to pay trillions more, which we know will become tens of trillions more, and accept the invasion.  They are not going to stop coming.  Why should they, is the government just going to start obeying and enforcing the law all of the sudden?

I am just one individual American out here, but as for me, I say spend the $60 billion and get these foreign nationals out of my country…yesterday, and send the Gang of Eight with them.

Just another episode of blatant, in-your-face treason on just another day in America.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

11 thoughts on “Washington Surrenders the United States to Mexico

  1. The Jews what diversity here in the US but not in Israel, Why? Because they know diversity robs a nation of it’s History, Heritage and Oneness of it’s people. We are being destroyed from within by the corruption of the few..


  3. The simplest solution would be for the Nazi stormtroopers (aka cops) to start treating them the same way they now treat American nationals.

    Most of those invaders would then willingly flee back to where they came from.

    Problem solved.

    btw – never happen.

  4. BTW, there are over 30,000,000, yes 30 million of those wet backs and this will make sure the SOBs in congress will get reelected.

  5. If the Germans could (as claimed) round up, murder, and destroy all evidence, 12MILLION People, DURING AN ACTIVE WAR. Then 70 YEARS later, with HUGE leaps in technology, evicting 11MILLION IL-legals should be a breeze. Or didn’t the Germans do it?…………………. Which is it you morons?

  6. I just DESPISE McCRAZY ………….
    I just want to remind you of what a COWARD John McCain really is …..
    Back in 2000, in South Carolina, the robocalls–and calls to local right-wing talk radio shows–were about John McCain’s “interracial child” and Cindy McCain’s drug addiction. They were a craven, disgusting tactic by the George W. Bush campaign. Bush did not just spit in McCain’s face, Bush spit all over McCain’s WIFE’S face.
    Instead of punching-out Bush,COWARD McCain groveled and supported Bush.
    Now McCain runs around wanting to start all sorts of WARS,
    I suggest McCrazy go finish HIS OWN WAR.
    McCain was caught up in the Keating 5 scandal in the 80’s and
    looked to be thrown out of Congress and potentially put in jail.
    Amazingly, since then he’s been a consistent stooge for all
    aspects of globalism, most notably Empire and illegal alien
    importation. Of course, he got a minimal wrist slap for his
    role in the S&L corruption.
    What a coincidence! No, what a useful & obedient tool.
    His conduct gives credence to the numerous claims that McCain was a “JailHouse SNITCH” in Hanoi.

  7. Excellent article, Henry. I especially liked your outstanding point about the left’s assertion that we can’t afford the $60 billion to round them up and deport them, but the $6.3 trillion bucks that it’ll cost to let them have amnesty is no big problem.

  8. They’re dong the same thing to all the European countries too. Each is being invaded by one Arabic nation or another just as we’re being invaded by Mexico. It’s part of the overall attack on sovereignty world-wide.

    And this is nothing less than an invasion. “La Raza” and “Atzlan” have both declared that American territory “now belongs to Mexico”, and La Raza has stated that they want to “kill all the gringos”. That’s NOT immigration, legal or otherwise. Those are statements of an invading army, and they should be treated as such.

  9. God said not to let anyone into your country that was not an asset. That means they have to pay their own way and help the country financially.

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