Watch: 10 Police Cars Chase Moped Going 25 MPH

Pat Dollard

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Police said a man is facing seven charges after he led police on a moped pursuit Friday night near the southeast side of Fort Wayne.

According to Fort Wayne Police Department spokesperson Sgt. Mark Brooks, an officer pulled over Lagrant Smith, 40, who was driving a moped near Eckart and Winter Streets around 10:15 p.m. Friday.

Brooks said Smith initially pulled over but then refused to speak with the officer and took off on his moped.

More than 10 FWPD squad cars followed Smith on his moped. The pursuit led police around a large side of southeast Fort Wayne, according to Brooks.Brooks said the pursuit speed was topped out at around 20 miles per hour.

Smith was finally apprehended in the 5300 block of South Anthony Boulevard, after leading police around for about two miles.

Police said Smith got off his moped and attempted to flee on foot. Officers had to use a stun gun on Smith and arrested him shortly after, Brooks said.

According to police, Smith hit several cars during the pursuit.

Brooks also said a police officer suffered a minor leg injury during the pursuit.

Smith faces the following charges:

Resisting law enforcement in a vehicle with injury to an officer
Resisting law enforcement
Leaving the scene of a property damage accident
Criminal recklessness
Reckless driving
Possession of marijuana

Brooks said Smith is facing a theft charge because the moped he was driving was a stolen vehicle.

Police said Smith was treated at a local hospital and then taken to jail.

2 thoughts on “Watch: 10 Police Cars Chase Moped Going 25 MPH

  1. A reasonable person wouldn’t think so, but the video is proof of the imbeciles hired onto Ft Wayne PD. I would say, based on the idiots who didn’t have anything better to do, the evening shift at FWPD should be reduced by 8 cars. And the officer who was “injured” during pursuit, he should be terminated immediately based on hare-brained idiocy in performance of “duty.” One moped (how fast can they go, 40 MPH?) and 10 police cars. LMAO.

    1. I concur.

      Ancient cinema, to be sure, but this immediately brought to mind the Keystone Kops. Vintage ludicrous.

      Once again, insanity abounds.

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