Watching People Sing Illegal in Walker’s WI – Spectators Subject to Arrest

Published on Jul 26, 2013 by arthurkr222

On Friday July 26 a group of people gathered in the Capitol rotunda to exercise their First Amendment right to petition their government and consult for the common good and so on in song. The Capitol Police brought out an LRAD1000x and announced that the group of people were “unlawfully assembled” and warned that if the they did not disperse the entire group was subject to arrest, but the police took it further than that.

Groups of officers would march into the rotunda and seemingly randomly select 3-5 people and cuff them and bring them downstairs. They did this every 8-12 minutes.

But above the singers were dozens of people watching, bearing witness to the gross police and political misconduct, just checking what was going on, touring the capitol with their family, along with a contingent of Republican staffers getting off watching the real life police porn.

Police started warning random groups of onlookers that if they didn’t immediately disperse they to would be arrested. Many of those warned were tourists visiting from out of town.

17 thoughts on “Watching People Sing Illegal in Walker’s WI – Spectators Subject to Arrest

  1. The sing alongs will continue! Us Cheeseheads are stubborn and sometimes hard of hearing.
    In the imortal words of Anthony Hopkins as Col. Ludlow, “SCREW THE GOVERNMENT!”

  2. These abuses of power by the police departments across the country (and around the world) will continue UNTIL the citizens of the jurisdiction go to the city councils/city managers and DEMAND that every officer involved in such abuses be IMMEDIATELY terminated, and a black mark put against their records, to keep them from being hired elsewhere to perpetuate their abuses.

    And if the city councils/city managers refuse to take appropriate action, then they need to be given their walking papers as well.

    Our founding fathers, either at the state or the federal level, did not hand us a system where we, the people who are supposed to represent us can instead pour down abuse upon us. This system has evolved by those “in power” writing words on paper, calling them “laws,” to protect themselves and allow themselves to get away with–literally–murder with no repercussions.

    It’s time for us, THE PEOPLE, to take back the control.

  3. WHY OH WHY are these people not doing anything and just giving themselves up?


    WHAT THE HELL IS IT GOING TO TAKE TO GET THROUGH TO THESE PEOPLE??? 500 against 10 officers. REALLY??!!!! I think you can take them. I really do. It’s not that hard people. STOP SUBMITTING AND START RESISTING!!!!

    GRRR!!! I’m so sick of seeing this shit. This shit is not going to end by peaceful protest. When will the people of this country get it through their heads?!! I don’t like it anymore than they do, but that’s just how it is going to have to be because that’s the ONLY way it can be if we are going to take back our country and restore our Constitution. SO DEAL WITH IT!!! FIGHT BACK! FIGHT BACK! FIGHT BACK!!

    1. It’s all part of the fight NC. Strategy calls for non-violence on the part of WE THE PEOPLE. We keep antagonizing TPTB and eventually they will respond with violence. Then and ONLY THEN is it game on. We need the support of the sheeple in order to win this war. If we initiate this fight, we will loose.
      I’m just as frustrated as you are, but I’m not sitting on my ass bitching. I’M GETTING OUT IN PUBLIC AND BEING A PAIN IN THEIR COLLECTIVE RECTUMNS!! WTF are you doing?

      1. They want violence in fact I would go so far to say this pisses them off more when we fight back peacefully. It makes them more powerless to handle it. Violence begets violence. Look up the Singing Revolution in the Ukraine I believe its on the net they even made a movie on it.

    2. BTW, you saw 10 officers, huh? I personally know they can march full platoons into the capital by means of several huge underground tunnels accessd from as far away as ten city blocks.
      All of that will happen undetected by the people in the building until the troops suddenly appear.

      1. Hey Rumstruck, I listened to this interview today on Wisconsin Public Radio and they had this guy that organized a “Sing Along” saying “We have a permit”. After listening further, the guy is a Scott Walker lackey probably paid by the Koch Boys. I damn near had to get the “bile bucket” out!

        1. Organized a sing along? Thats funny! The sing alongs have been going on since the recall Walker fiasco. People sing every weekday from noon to 1.
          I’m not sure but I think the arrests are happening now on the days when nobody paid the EXTORTION TAX and we rely on the First Amendment.

  4. VISUAL TIME GUYS, seeing someone start throwing cops and politicions over that 2nd floor railing onto that floor………. Them cops are trying to incite a riot.

    1. That sort of accident happens in prison. A fellow may slip over one of those railings. Happens on cruise ships too, so the railings were made 6ft high, yet folks still slip over them. Don’t know how it happens, as it seems nobody ever sees a thing.

      Sure hope it doesn’t happen to some nice policeman or precious politician.

  5. What was that movie with Humphrey Bogart clicking the ball bearings together …….?

    FTG and Walker TOO

      1. Thanks Henry! That will be tonites movie, yes I am another Bogey fan. I was looking through my collection hoping for the nudge to remind me of which film it was.

  6. I’d rather sue:
    a) the academy that trained (“trained”) those officers and
    b) the officer(s) that certified them as “fit for duty”.

    Both a and b failed an epic fail.

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