5 thoughts on “Wave of boat buyers seek recreation amid pandemic

  1. Interesting to see how the rich are managing the scamdemic. Others have no such options; turn only to instincts.

    “A true American national will put their liberty above their life and their possessions.”
    — Henry Shivley, 8/11/20


      1. As a life long boat owner, I totally disagree with that comment. I have enjoyed boating and fishing my entire life and I have spent a lot more on cars and trucks than I have on my boats.

        1. Me too, our family over the years has had many boats, no more, my dads gone now,, he had the cash, not me.

          I say that because that’s what my dad always said, “hole in the water filled with money”. We had a house on the water, dock the whole nine yards.

          I grew up with boats, love em, but no more, my dad was a CEO, he loved his boats man.

          Those days are history.

          His boat was named “Big Schu” mine was named “Little Schu”

          For real..

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