Ways to spread the Word

From the Trenches World Report- “Reinstate our Bill of Rights”

Monday – Friday
12 pm – 2 pm PST
Call in line: (641) 715-3610
Conference line: 220029#


Grow Your Own- Micro FM 107.5 Greenville, SC

PBFTT- Micro FM 89.5 Chiloquin, OR

Perimeter Radio- Micro FM 87.9 North Sioux Falls, SD
M-F 1-8 pm Central Time

5 thoughts on “Ways to spread the Word

  1. I compiled this for myself as well as others interested in a
    completed package of the various ways people can tune into TWFTT broadcast because the” Bill of Rights and the common law should be the number one issue for every American calling themselves a patriot.” I will be leaving this compilation, including the heading, in the comment section at different sites, so as to push the education of our Common Law/ Bill of Rights.

    1. The law is absolute, once heard, they become responsible for and to it. They can’t claim brain dead, under hypnosis, etc..

      When tried for treason or other crimes it will not come as a surprise.

      Hopefully with an education of our Bill of Rights, and it taken to heart, there will be less people committing treason against you and I because they have assisted in the continued destruction of our common law.

      1. I totally 110% agree, the problem that I have is getting people to listen let alone understand (including family) anything that doesn’t come out of the stupid box. It’s a real struggle but I will send this post out to a few people and see what happens.

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