7 thoughts on ““We are all in trouble” PREPARE NOW! [Dr Rashid Buttar 2021]

  1. .
    Kinda new-age. But will he fight?

    And what’s this @ 3:00 – 3:30?:

    “If you really want to see what the truth is, look for fact-checkers!!”

    So he’s telling us to trust fact-checkers!!!?

    Says, “It’s a good way of getting the truth.” Geez, am I hearing this right?


      1. It’s getting nuts. Another talking-head telling us to trust others beyond our own research and intelligence. Why doesn’t he just say, SURRENDER!!!


    1. No.
      You’re hearing it backwards…
      Look for the fact checkers because they’re covering truth.
      This is what he means. ­čÖé

        1. If you want to find truth, look to see what the fact checkers are lying about, trying to distract attention away from.

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