We Are At War

Hank Strange

Jul 8, 2016

We Are At War, the worst kind of war imaginable, a war like we’ve never seen before. I’m not trying to be dramatic, I’m just trying to really set perspective over our new reality. Our Country, Our way of life, our brand of freedom leaves us both at war with the world outside of our borders and at the same time with ourselves. Terrorists target us abroad and here at home. Because we are unique and the last true bastion of freedom in the world. The good guys are fighting the bad guys, the bad guys are fighting each other and the good guys are fighting the good guys because in 2016 all the lines are blurred still by race, economics, politics and religion. I don’t care about the powerful, or the wealthy, or the mighty. I care about the people, and the people don’t feel safe, not from the powerful or the wealthy, the mighty or even from each other. What has always set America apart from the rest of the world, is our passionate belief that our destiny should be in our hands. Never in the hands of some King or Emperor abroad…Not in the the hands even of our own elected professional leaders…in our hands. Our right to chose the course of our destiny and make a path to our future never had to be written on hallowed paper or won by brave patriots. We were born with it, it is engraved in our DNA. You can take it from our cold dead hands, you will never take it from our hearts because our hearts are at war, the best war, the war for freedom and we are determined that freedom will reign for one and all. ~Hank Strange

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