10 thoughts on “WE ARE AT WAR: America’s Bolshevik Revolution — Wayne Jett

  1. Trump lovers to say the least. If this is the Bolsheviks as they agree, why are they not looking at all the jews TRUMP brought in with him?! And I highly suspect these guys are Q followers. Why don’t they see that TRUMP says whatever will try to make people believe he’s against the cabal?

    1. Yeah, comment there mentioned they finally dumped the q stupid nonsense but still engineering that chump train…they’re not dumb. They’re complicit.

  2. And, Steve Mnuchin was at the core of the ’08 financial theft, yet TRUMP appointed him as treasury secretary!! Did the older gentleman who is being interviewed mention this in his grand book? Uh, I doubt it!!

  3. fukin Sean is a terrorist.. Trump taking down the city of London.. like i said.. we’re gonna get everything we deserve. and even those of us who don’t deserve it.. i guess maybe a little but Godamighty!

    1. Keep in mind the folks that listen to Sean are the minority of voters that will believe anything so long as it supports that GOP criminal party.

      1. i do believe that but i also believe the vast majority who support Trump or Bernie or even Jesus are looking for “someone else” to fix the problem. no one wants the responsibility or blame but they all want the credit!

  4. Remember that the Bolsheviks were Joos and they are the same ones that caused all the financial problems and murdered 100 million Russians they are the problem. They were pissed off at the Russia for stopping the English invasion of the US during the civil war after we were just about broken as a nation and swore to get him back. That was the cause of the “Bolshevik” Revolution and who was behind it just like all the other wars and conflicts

  5. If it’s SGT Report, I likely won’t find it credible. Same with X-22 Report and many other channels…controlled op.

    1. at this point in the game you no longer have ro “name the joo” to be credible but if you dismiss or deny it is in fact (((them))) you’re a fukin traitor. for the almighty god of the earth.. mamon.

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