We just restored the Republic! What happens now?

I will start by stating that I believe in what this Republic was intended to be. But from day one, it was doomed. The minute that we allowed someone to go and be our “representative”, we lost the Republic. No free people can survive when they allow someone else to represent them. That is why we had always lived in smaller tribes in the past. If we didn’t like what the tribe was becoming, the path it was taking, we could leave and start a new tribe with like-minded people.

Whether you think a Republic, Democracy, National Socialism, Socialism or Communism or any other form of government is the right one, I have a question for you. Let’s say that we stop the powers that be and we are able to get our country and the rest of the world back on the “right” path. Great, we have just restored our Republic to what it was intended to be. What happens then? How do we safeguard against the same thing happening that is happening now?   

Let’s be brutally honest. Under all forms of government, someone is the head guy, a guy that sets the tone of how things will be. Then you generally have some form of congress to represent each district unless it is a dictatorship. At that point we have just set ourselves and our newly freed country on a collision course with the inevitable return to where we are now. We have just put a small group of humans in charge of ensuring our freedoms. Yes, I know that if they don’t do as we say, we can always interject our Second Amendment rights into it and have a coup or another revolution, but that gets old real quick.

What I am getting at is why should I fight to free this country from the bonds of the banksters/Zionists that rule us presently? Why should I fight and possibly die to give the rest of this country a short lived freedom? It is inevitable that we end up right back here again. What is insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

Our Constitution and Bill of Rights are some of the greatest documents ever written. They ensure that all are free to live their lives as they see fit and put boundaries on the government as far as what they can do to the governed. But, it was written at a time when the population was small and the land that was governed under the Republic was 1/10th of the size it is today. Our culture was also very different then. Most people already had basically the same belief system. Morality was a lot higher in those days then it is now. Generally people were not out to destroy each other and take what wasn’t theirs. Under our form of government, the people need to want to do what is right. If the people do not want to be a moral people a Republic cannot work.
The culture of today needs to be ruled over. They cannot handle the freedoms that our forefathers gave them. Ask yourselves this. What does the average American of today want? Do they want to be free and go out and create a life and do what they must to survive or do they want to be told what to do as long as they get what they need and want? Is there any way that those people can truly ever be free? I do not believe that they can. If America became truly free the way it was intended, the mass population would be lost. You may say, who cares, that it is their problem. Well, I say why should I fight and possibly die for them?

Humans need culture as well. We have totally lost that. We have always moved towards groups that have the same desires, needs and cultural ideals. Why do you think that Europe was European and Africa was African, etc.?

Let me put it another way. Do any of you want to live in Chicago? Do the people in Chicago want to live in rural Arkansas? No. I will go a step further. Do the people in Chicago generally have the same culture and thought system as the people in Arkansas? No. Which one is the right one?

Look at a map of our country and look at the places where liberal democrats are mostly living. Where are the typical Conservatives living? Two totally different cultures trying to survive in one giant country. Whether it is right wrong this is how it works. Chicago sends their representatives to DC to “interpret” the laws to benefit the views of the people of Chicago. Arkansas sends their representatives to do the same, but with a different belief of what our Constitution says.

“Belief” is the key word here. We all have our beliefs. There is absolutely no way that we all can agree on how our country should be. No matter how cut and dry the words in the Bill of Rights are, they will be viewed different by different cultures. There is nothing that you or I can do about it. That is just how we are wired. I will give you an example.

How many of you think that our country is founded on the belief in God as our creator? How many of you do not believe that? Does it matter? Yes, it does. The people that believe that God is the creator generally will not want to allow two men to get married. The people that do not believe that God is our creator generally would allow two men to get married. We have just hit our first impasse. “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness means something different to everyone.

The Constitution cannot encompass every scenario to ensure that those words are defined. How do we interpret that? We do what we have always done. We amend the law to mean what our representatives think it means at that time in history. Then someone in Arkansas or Chicago says that they don’t agree with that and a court rules in favor of what they think and bam, we are right back to where we are now, divided.

Most of the people on the websites that I read are of a similar mind. We take the Constitution word for word and do not try to alter it in any way. But we all know that there is a mass of people that do not like it the way it was written and have “interpreted” it to mean something different. Something that they want based on their culture and belief system. I do not want to be a part of that system any more. I do not want a group of people deciding whether or not I can have this right or that right based on what they believe.

When it all comes down, I will take my belief system and start looking for others that believe what I believe. We will then form a tribe and build our smaller society based on our belief system. When it becomes too large and the belief system changes, either I will move on or they will. That is how we remain truly free. That is how we get to live our lives based on what we believe. Yes, there will be battles among the different tribes. There always has been and always will be. That will never change.

Please explain to me how I am wrong. Please comment on your thoughts. I would like to keep the discussion civil in nature. It would be a better discussion if you could word your reasons for disagreement or agreement in a way that allows everyone to understand why you agree or disagree. Not in a way that makes your points irrelevant because they are based on shutting someone up. These things need to be discussed. We are all looking for answers because we do not like what is happening presently in our country and our world. We are all hoping that we can effect a change to the path that we are on. But we need to know what is to happen if we ever get back on track.


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  1. I agree with much of what you said, but we are a nation and we are bound to be in contact with one another as a part of our right to travel freely. Our Bill of Rights allows us our differences in private and sets an absolute standard for our behavior when in public places held as common ground. The failure of the Republic is the failure for the understanding of the Bill of Rights and the guarantee thereof.
    The Bill of Rights was not accepted by many by those considering themselves elite and above the common man, right out the gate, and as these men were powerful, the enforcement mechanism, the courts of common law, were sabotaged. The only thing we need to do to establish the perfect society is make sure everyone understands and knows how to exercise their rights under the basic common law.
    You use the example of acceptance of homosexuality, inferring that rejection of homosexuality comes from a learned behavior within religious indoctrination. I respectfully disagree.
    Now the homosexual will tell you that his’ or hers’ is not a learned behavior but actually a natural occurrence, while on the other hand, insisting that any rejection thereof is unnatural, hence the learned behavior.
    Straight up, I am repulsed when I see two hairy men acting sexual toward one another, makes my f#@king skin crawl and it makes me angry, and I say this is natural.
    Let me be clear, a part of our law in common is the castle doctrine and the fighting words doctrine.
    The castle doctrine says that a man’s home is his castle and what he does within the confines of his own privacy is his own business and no other’s. I tell you right now I would die for that right for every American national, regardless of what they do in the privacy of their own home.
    Now let’s look at the fighting words doctrine and nature. In nature I have seen male dogs that will mount another male dog and the other male dog, while being raped, will just sit there with a goofy look on his face and his tongue hanging out, like there is no problem. On the other hand, I have seen a male dog mount another male dog and the dog being mounted actually turn around and kill the dog trying to rape him. I don’t think that dog read the Bible, so that has to be nature and the dog that killed the other dog cannot be held accountable for the killing, as he was obviously pushed beyond his tolerance.
    Now, if everybody becomes a tribe, when I travel from place to place, I’m bound to come into somewhere where the homosexual thinks it’s alright to grab a fellow by his junk in the public square, and well, I’m sorry, but I don’t think I could stop myself, I would beat the son of a bitch to death.
    This is why the public square in every venue in this nation must be held as common ground, under common law. Otherwise one person can inflict their will on another passing through and try to claim some societal right to do so. And if the man just passing through kills the fella that grabbed his junk, he is looking at a trial, not before his peers, but before the queer’s peers.
    Fighting words doctrine says that if I am confronted with a situation that twelve of my peers would find so aggravating as to put an otherwise decent man into a murderous rage, then I cannot be held accountable in how I addressed that situation.
    Again, I mean no offense to anyone. I have read that the various Indian tribes held the homosexual up as special and there was some really weird shit in reference that went along with their religious beliefs.
    Me, I’m just going to claim the same right as a dog to defend at least a little bit of the space surrounding me. Nature is about survival, the circle of life, from the Earth I came, from the Earth I will return. But as I sit here typing this, I understand that the DNA that makes up my body and the energy that makes up my soul is an accumulation of the life brought forth from my first grandfather and grandmother, through all of my other grandfathers and grandmothers, right up to my mom and dad, passing through me and Laura to my sons, and through them and their wives to my grandchildren. A part of my being is that first grandfather, as his life never ceased as it was passed into the future.
    This is what I consider nature and that being said, by logic, homosexuality is unnatural. So, if I am willing to leave it at that and grant every man and woman their privacy within their own homes and upon their own property, I should be able to send my children into public upon the common ground and know that they will not be accosted by homosexuals.
    Just wanted to throw my thoughts out there and say we can live together if we live by that Bill of Rights as absolute law and keep the common ground common and natural.

    1. Henry, I agree with you 100% that a man’s home is his castle and what he does within the confines of his own privacy is his own business and no others. There is no denying that.
      I hate to continue to use homosexuality, because there are numerous other issues that are far more important than just public acknowledgment of gay rights, but I guess my overall question is, if we do restore this Republic. How do we avoid the forced acknowledgment in public of views we do not hold? And what of the people who do not want to see my side arm on my hip in public. Eventually they will interpret the law to benefit their view.

      And what happens when the people start attempting to change our Republic again? Are we stuck in a vicious cycle of never ending battling to keep this Republic? As I see it now there are very few of us who even recognize this country as a Republic any more.
      I also understand your words about traveling into other tribal lands, however, isnt that what we currently do when entering California, New York, Louisiana, etc. Hell, even going from county to county can be that way. My point on the tribal aspect is that I as a free man can live in total freedom in that group. I have formed my group and will abide by the value system that we put into place. If that system changes the group fractures and goes away.
      I know these things will never be settled. We will always have “Man’s view” that gets in the way. No written document can ever enforce what is right or wrong. It is only in ourselves that we can do what is right and as a whole man will always alter what is right for what is better for them.

    2. Henry,

      As usual, it takes more work to explain than to actually put into practice. It comes down to the Bill of Rights and respecting fellow humans. It’s no more difficult than that.

      People that are evil in their hearts is another issue. The Bill of Rights takes care of that too no matter how distasteful remedy might be to one or another.

      Human beings were constantly in a state of survival from the beginning of time. It’s ashamed that so many have lost the prime function of mankind, survival…

      Peace Brother


      1. Hoppes,
        “it comes down to the Bill of Rights and respecting fellow humans”
        100% Correct. The Bill of Rights is absolute. This is where we run into trouble
        The 1ST Amendment/Article claims that no law shall prohibit the free exercise of religion. Well if we allow Islam to be a free practice of religion in America they can marry nine year olds. We all know that that is immoral and wrong, but it doesnt state in the Constitution anywhere that it cant happen. We have to implement that. Now who decides the outcome here on whether a muslim can marry a nine year old? What if the reps writing it at the time think it is ok. Now we are stuck with people marrying nine years olds. What about the Jewish Question? Their Talmud states that we are goyum and lower than a donkey. Can they practice their religion openly in America? The same thing has happened to our 2nd Amendment rights over time. The reps have eroded it slowly based on their views. If we were to sit down and think of every possible outcome to every possible scenario we would have a Constitution with Amendments 10 miles high, still based on the views of the guys who wrote it at the time.

        1. No Muslim is going to marry a 9 year old under the Bill of Rights. When that Muslim approaches that 9 year old and shows intent, that 9 year old’s father, uncle, or brother, or any other American national who is pushed beyond tolerance, simply shoots him through his head and is then judged by 12 of his peers who will be American nationals who are not going to allow Muslims to marry 9 year olds.
          The Bill of Rights has never been in full effect in this country. That is why we are in this mess. There has been a shadow government made up of the Masonic elite, in league with the dirty church, exercising infringement. (We have been kept from our law.)
          In one of your prior comments, you mentioned the gun on the hip. There is no question there. A gun is a natural appendage as the right to have it is unalienable. Any person that doesn’t like it needs to find another country.
          The way this works is we kill or deport everyone not willing to live under that Bill of Rights and have their natural interaction on the common land examined and judged by a jury of their peers.
          The men who truly established this country did so through force of arms and killing, and they should have, at that time, finished the job, as it was their country and they set the rule at the Bill of Rights. Anybody who didn’t want to live under the Bill of Rights needed to go then. As only 3% fought the war, those who had not sacrificed were not solid in their determination and understanding of what those men killed and died for. That’s why everyone better have a dog in this hunt and those who fail to stand and fight, or at the very least assist to the best of their ability, can just simply get out.
          With the homosexual issue, the ultimate judgment comes down to the jury, considering each litigant’s rights in comparison to their own in reference to any action. All accept the judgment of the jury as there has to be law if men are to live together in peace. Logically there can be no better law than the Bill of Rights for the American nationals.

          1. I understand and agree, but you have to see my points.
            Did you ever think that in your lifetime we would see laws that took away the right of an American in New York to possess a magazine with more than 7 rounds? Did you ever think there would or even could be such a place as a free speech zone? Did you ever think that you would see Chinese companies buying entire oil fields in West Texas? A Nationalist society would not allow that to happen.
            If it can be returned to the original law, there need to be safeguards put into place that are bullet proof. Otherwise we end up with what we have now.
            Say for example the second amendment will say. No weapon can be taken from a free man. All Americans are considered free men unless imprisoned.

            The Bill of Rights does not allow the infringements in the examples you put forth and under the Bill of Rights, any and every man or woman can charge any other American national, even in government, without exception. As far as someone incarcerated not having a gun, they will have been relieved of their right by a jury of their peers through a due process of law and when they are finished with their sentence, they will have their guns.
            The Bill of Rights is very clear, the fact is it was never fully enacted, again, for the reasons previously stated.
            There will be no Chinese nationals living on our soil, only American nationals and the mere suggestion of selling any of our sovereignty to any foreign nation would require removing a portion of the property from every American national who owns it, any one of which will have the authority to put a rope around the neck of the treasonous bastard that tries it.

  2. You raise one hell of an interesting question bulldog. I myself have been thinking about this question for the last four years. The conclusion that I have come to is this, live by the Bill of Rights as it was initially intended, in my opinion,we will just have to train the masses, because if we don’t we will never have a happy life.

    I just don’t see any other way for everyone to be on equal ground and be happy, the founders had it right the first time.

  3. The reason that I wrote this article is because I have been down some rabbit holes lately. I have seen numerous different views on history and what type of government that people believe that we should have. They all want the same basic thing; a return to whatever they believe in. No one has stated how they will keep it the way they have made it. I am trying to generate an intelligent discussion on how we can keep a Republic if we can make one. Because right now we don’t have one. I cannot for the life of me get that part answered in my head. You know the differences we all have in America. You have the hard core Republicans that want to basically have a totalitarian regime but call it freedom and the lefties that want so much freedom that it destroys actual freedom of the individual and numerous other ideals. I can only see two outcomes unless someone can explain to me how we keep it once we have made it. Either we are doomed to live under an iron fist to keep the order or we will be killing each other for eternity to ensure that we have five minutes of freedom. I think it is time to have the conversation on how we keep it if we get it back.

    1. It was great to read your thoughts bulldog. Keep up the great work, we’re behind you 100% . I understand where you’re coming from completely, but you have to take a stand, and stay with it my friend God bless you. My stand is where it stood in 1776, George had it right!

  4. just like Benny Franklin said

    “A Republic, If you can keep it ..

    its the “keeping it” part thats hard , and way too many sheeple are fine with destroying what little parts of the republic thats left

  5. “The people that believe that God is the creator generally will not want to allow two men to get married.”

    Therein lies the problem, Bulldog.

    “The people” have absolutely no say in what this so-called ‘government’ is doing these days. I believe the majority in this country are against it, but the NWO is determined to shred whatever morality still exists in the world, and they obviously don’t care how blatantly apparent their agenda is anymore.

    Good to see you back.

  6. This will not be popular, I do not care. There was a law inside the amendments that stated that no Lawyer could run for office. Bet you didn’t read that one? Omitted.

    Other laws about coining our currency? Hmmmm, what happened there. Oh….Lawyers, Jewish lawyers took care of that one.

    I could go on but I don’t care to. There are 3 main things that have crippled the US, and from these 3 things ALL others can be tied, from Miley Cyrus, to black on black crime.

    1. JEWS
    2. JEW lawyers in office
    3. JEWS owning the media.

    I didn’t arrive at those 3 things through inbreeding, or bad parenting. I arrived at those 3 through serious scholarship, It starts by tossing out about 600 useless history books and reading the real ones instead.

    Federal Reserve, Federal Reserve, Federal Reserve, Federal Reserve, Federal Reserve, Federal Reserve, Federal Reserve. All war comes from it, all the poor, all the crime, all the drugs, all the lies, all of our problems lead directly from it. Now, I do like some drugs……. 🙂

  7. Here is brutal honesty. After a purge of the current shit bags there will be a power vacuum. People will have the choice to subjugate themselves under the new management or kill every piece of shit that attempts to rule over us. I will be in the latter category. There is no room for any government in a free society.

  8. Hi, Bulldog. Hope you’ve been well.

    You wrote an excellent article here that raises a number of good questions, but I think I can answer a lot of them by reminding you that a lot will change after a revolution, counter insurgency, upheaval, head-rolling, or whatever you want to call it.

    We’ll return to the Bill of Rights because they’re natural rights that everyone agrees on, and I imagine that different communities will establish communications, and we’ll eventually get around to sending representatives to one location to agree on things.

    Before that happens there will be a massive sharing of knowledge, because the people who are presently under the influence of the propaganda machine will be completely in the dark about what happened and why, and they’ll be looking for answers.

    That’s when they’ll discover how the Zionists’ propaganda machine had invented “liberalism”, and they’ll know how and why they were convinced to support all of their liberal points of view. Shortly after that, they’ll no longer be “liberals”. Anyone who falls into the “liberal” category today is also in the dark regarding the lies of the Zionist media. They’re only liberals because they’ve been hoodwinked, and they’ll eventually learn that they’ve been deceived into supporting these liberal ideals. (actually, they’ll probably try to deny that they ever were liberals)

    See that? get rid of the Zionist media’s influence and we’re all one culture again. Homosexuality will be once again recognized for the disorder it is, and any homosexuals will hide their illness rather than be fighting for gay rights, and any fight they did launch wouldn’t get any support. (they really have no “support” now — people only acquiesce to this because it’s easier than fighting them)

    In addition to the “gay marriage” issue, there’s a lot of other political issues that piss people off (abortion, wars, immigration, etc.) but when you start digging, you’ll find Zionist funding behind ALL of it, and that’s also going to come to an end.

    And you’ll also find out that WE ARE OF ONE CULTURE….there’s just a lot of political strife right now because it’s the intention of the Zionists that funded it all.

    When the shit hits the fan, and things get ugly, you’ll see Americans sticking together because they’re Americans, fighting off everyone else.

    When everyone’s backed into that corner, who they are deep down comes to the surface, and with the Zionist’s mind-meddling machinations out of the way, and no time for the petty disputes, it’ll be a lot easier to see whose on your side, and it will probably be a lot of Americans that you wouldn’t expect that from today.

    Also…. a lot of the crap that you see roaming the streets today will be dead. Robbers, rapists, pedophiles, etc. etc. are all going to be shot or hanged, and no one’s going to have to answer for shooting them, because no one will object to seeing them shot.

    You’ll see crime drop to zero in a week, and streets safe for people to walk once again. Think about it; wouldn’t this be an awesome country of we could just shoot all the scumbags? All that will be left after the dust settles are the decent, hospitable, and moral Americans.

    That’s one thing you’ll be fighting for, and that alone will make it worth the effort.

    1. Jolly Roger,
      Thanks for the response! I agree with all except the we are all one culture part. To an extent we are of one culture, but that stops at a certain point. While ALL Americans can be considered “one American culture”, we do come from different ethnic backgrounds and live accordingly. I was Army for a long time and was around numerous cultures. At the end of the day, people still gravitate towards the culture that they are most comfortable around. Given that, for the most part, when it was “mission time” we were mostly of one mind, which is an asset for what is to come.
      I don’t know exactly how this thing will play out, but it will not be pretty. Most of us probably wont see the end result. I pray that you and Henry are correct in that we can overcome what the Zionists have done to us. If we can show the sheep that they have been played, maybe they will get onboard. I still believe that many would rather stay in silent servitude to maintain their “status” in life whatever that may be.
      I had hoped to generate a larger discussion to encourage people to think about these things.

      1. yeah, I hear ya about the cultural thing. You saw it in the army, and I saw it in NYC. There are a lot of ethnic traits that we all stick to, and they vary a lot, but there’s also a lot that people of different cultures can share in common, especially when our one over-riding culture demands it.

        In Italy, everyone’s Italian, and in Ireland, everyone’s Irish, but in America we’re from all over the planet, so people like to stick to the one thing they all have in common; the fact that they’re all Americans, regardless of where grandpa came from.

        I think we’ll do alright, and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. I’m reminded of how people always deride New Yorkers for being rude and uncaring, but the fact of the matter is that they’re the best neighbors you can have when things get ugly, and what people see as “rudeness” is really just a way of dealing with constant over-crowding. (a politesse adjusted to suit population density)

        A lot of the petty squabbles and differences will disappear when there’s no more time for them, and you’ll see the American come out of a lot of people that you wouldn’t expect it from today. The hard times will change people, and bring out the best in them, out of necessity.

        Another way of looking at it is that we’re headed for war, and economic collapse. Who has all the guns, ammo, food, and silver? (Hint: it’s NOT the liberals or the gay marriage crowd) There will be a “natural selection” process, after which most of the people who piss you off, or make you question why we’re fighting, will be dead.

      2. It won’t be long before the economy tanks but it probably won’t occur while the dismal Christmas shopping, and subsequent losses all the pigs will suffer, has yet to pass. Once job loss, and the continued economic hardships the poor endure reach a boiling point early next year, the brutality of our oppressors will be more pronounced. Couple that with the millions of felons from Central America and Mexico flooding our borders like it’s the Exodus. Barry’s flyin’ ’em in to a city near you, handing them free money, free housing, free education, and free food while our Veterans die in the streets. We the people don’t want any of it but they’ve already told us to “F’ Off”!

  9. “When it all comes down, I will take my belief system and start looking for others that believe what I believe. We will then form a tribe and build our smaller society based on our belief system. When it becomes too large and the belief system changes, either I will move on or they will. That is how we remain truly free. That is how we get to live our lives based on what we believe. Yes, there will be battles among the different tribes. There always has been and always will be. That will never change.”
    Bulldog, I perceive a problem in this concept. Belief and law are different in nature. Law is absolute, immutable, and by it’s very nature implements consequences upon those that behave outside of it, the consequences being determined by 12 piers at common law, trial by jury. You speak of when the belief system changes you or they will move on. If your tribe is based on “belief” only, then no law will be part of it, and many problems can and will arise. Nature itself is governed by law(the law of gravity, for instance). A man can” believe” he can defy this law when jumping from a particular height, only to find this law in full force and effect upon his bones upon landing. I think in reality, the moral, natural order of the God of nature and of natures God, enforced by the Bill of Rights which affords all men equal status under the laws of nature and of natures God, should be the standard, as was intended from the beginning.

    1. Katie,
      Well Put!
      I will only add that it will remain “absolute” as long as we never again allow MAN to “interpret” it.

    2. “I think in reality, the moral, natural order of the God of nature and of natures God, enforced by the Bill of Rights which affords all men equal status under the laws of nature and of natures God, should be the standard, as was intended from the beginning.”

      Well put, Katie, in fact that is the best explanation of the meaning of the words “common law” I have ever heard. If people could understand this simple concept, all the rest naturally falls in place. The Bill of Rights, examined to the standard you have put forth, can only be interpreted one way.
      Good job.

      1. The first part of the Declaration of Independence.
        “When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth the separate and equal station to which the LAWS OF NATURE AND OF NATURE’S GOD entitles them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.”

        The common law was evident in the minds of the founders as this statement above makes clear.

  10. Like the anchor baby scam, freedom of religion was taken out of context. Put it back. One side of my family were sent here to die. Starvation, exposure, disease, or clovis. We didn’t agree with the catholic religion. Many survived in caves. As Pennesylvania bares a witness, we did it. Yes, I am speaking of Quakers. This freedom was for Christians, not anything that popped in. They killed us, stole our land and money, and if we were lucky, exiled us to here.Forget your heritage, lose the truth. Many people were persecuted. Look into the real story of the settlers. As the Quakers (friends) believe….look to the light within.

    1. “This freedom was for Christians, not anything that popped in.”
      Wrong. This freedom is for those with the balls to take it, establish it, and maintain it. The reality is freedom is not for the week and timid, though I do hold a genuine respect for the Quaker (Friends) for at least putting a governor on the genocide perpetrated upon the original Americans. I think they thought freedom was theirs too.

  11. Wow, this article really hits some deep points to cover.
    One of the problems that I have had is people constantly saying “We need to get it back to what the Republic was in the beginning.” As you said, Bulldog, “What is insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.” Wouldn’t restoring the Republic and expecting a different result be proof of the American people’s insanity?
    Take this example, a single flea on a dog, you really don’t give it much thought at first, then that flea has babies and the babies have babies and soon the dog is overrun with fleas. Just like the government, you have a government with minimal power and soon, that power multiplies then that power multiplies and not too long from then the people are overrun with the government interfering with everyone’s lives.
    I’ve been thinking about Anarchy, we really wouldn’t need a government if everyone was well-armed.
    Just consider the Quakers, they had a form of Anarchy in the way that anyone can believe whatever was they chose to believe, they had the freedom to believe what they chose. Religious Anarchy.
    Just a few things to think about, but I personally won’t be happy if this country is restored to a Republic, because I know that history will unfailingly repeat itself and we will have fought another war only to have the Republic fail again even if it will last for 500 years this time. It will always, always become like it is at present, and worse.

    1. Oh yes, it is going to be a Republic again, only this time the only people who are going to be left here are those willing to enforce the Bill of Rights, as the absolute law it is intended to be. And we’ll know that each and every one left will enforce it because they will be the ones who just fought and killed to instate it. Our number one obligation will be to teach our children, not that they must, but that they will enforce it, even if we have to ground them or take a switch to them. 🙂

  12. Dear Abigail, I see a hint of despair and hopelessness in your commentary, although well stated. The founders had the same discussions around the dinner table long before the first shots were fired. Some famous quotes indicate these thoughts… Give me liberty or give me death…A Republic ,ma’am” if you can keep it… The heart of man is continually evil, let us bind it down from mischief with the chains of the constitution… The Constitution is made for a moral and religious people… if people will not govern themselves, they WILL be governed…The anti-federalists demanded inclusion of the Bill of Rights because they knew that the Constitution could be subverted by devious men if the people forgot the common law. The Constitution even states, ” in order to form a more perfect union”. The previous “union” under the Articles of Confederation was not perfect, neither is this one.
    The founders knew history and saw the repetitious cycle of freedom to slavery occur over and over and did the best they could to “institute new government, laying it’s foundation on such principles and organising it’s powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness”. Were they insane? I think not, they knew the nature of man, we are at the same point now. The Constitution and Bill of Rights are based on the Common Law and derive their construction from principles in the common law. Henry has made statements many times that were self evident (part of the common law) to the people at the time of the founding. To paraphrase: If I don’t have the power to do something, I cannot delegate that power to a government (Maxim of Law: The derivative power cannot be greater than the original from which it is derived) We have a natural right to protect ourselves (Maxim of Law: (The people have a right to bear arms for defence of themselves and the state) (peculiarly in effect in America, won by blood) the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed). the 12 man jury (Maxim of Law: The decision of 12 good and upright men is thought by the common law to be the dictate of truth). The Bill of Rights came out of the common law, and was expanded in America (by shed blood) to include individual sovereignty but as has been said “the price of liberty is eternal vigilance”. We must learn these things so that we can govern ourselves and teach them to our offspring so that they will continue with the blessings of liberty. If we are to have “anarchy” or no government as you suggest we must operate according to the common law (natural law), otherwise we will have no method to deal with evil doers and those that will attempt to abridge our rights..

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