We Must Have War to Achieve Peace – We Must Have War

The Israeli push for an attack on Syria and Iran has quieted down again as we Americans are making it clear out here on the internet that we will defy our government if it allows us to be pulled into another war or wars as dictated by the Zionists infiltrators in our government.

I have noticed in the footage coming out of Syria the big guns mounted in the backs of pickup trucks.  We can all remember those from the Libyan regime change.  What this tells me is that the industrial war complex’s CIA and Mossad have effectively enacted black ops wherein the US government is secretly purchasing these weapons and smuggling them to the Al Qaeda that make up the insurgency in Syria.  To think otherwise is just plain foolish.

The thing is this Zionist controlled government, masquerading as representative of we the people, no longer cares what we think past the point that we might actually take up our arms and put a stop to their international reign of terror.

In short, they will continue to do whatever they think they can get away with.  And when it reaches the point that these traitors believe they have the sufficient control mechanisms in place, they will push the envelope.

The intent is further Middle Eastern invasion precipitated by the Israelis to be enforced by the United States.  One would have to be naïve to think that the governments of Russia and China are not as acutely aware of this reality as we the common folk are.

The stage is being set for a third world war.  The goal?  Population reduction and further concentration of wealth to the world Zionists who believe they have made sufficient preparation to insure their survival.

If this hell is unleashed upon the peoples of the world, our number one goal as humanity should be to seek out the Zionist elite in every quarter and make sure they are the first to die as a result of the evil they have perpetuated.  If this were to occur, a third world war would die out overnight as it is the nature of common folk to just want to live and be left alone and leave others to do the same.  It is the instigators who are always the cause for two strangers to try to kill one another without any understanding as to the reason why.

Let’s see, there was World War I, the War to End All Wars and then World War II, a continuation of the War to End all Wars.  Why is it when there are wars they are always sold as killing to achieve peace?  And now we are looking at World War III.

What is the saying?  The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result.  But then is it the wars that represent the insanity, or the evil manipulation that precipitates them?

God help us to see the difference.

5 thoughts on “We Must Have War to Achieve Peace – We Must Have War

  1. I think six million Palestinians in an appalling concentration camp would heartily agree, same would go for the mass of people incarcerated under their fascist laws in unfree America, home to the worlds largest prison population. The great criminal elite are doing the work of D O G (deliberately spelled backwards) they scumlord it freely and live above their own laws and wars, for them only the little people pay taxes and only the Americans fight their battles.

  2. We should not go fight a war of choice. Our founding fathers warned us about foreign affairs. The recent blackeye to the GOP leadership was not reported by any of the major news agency. How much of our national policies dealing on Israel are the result of blackmail? Never heard of this matter means you probably only listen to the major news. One case of a hooker and the secret service was national news for two weeks. A nude congressional trip to Israel does not make the news.

  3. The coming war is inevitable. “We the People” must prepare to draw up our battle lines against our oppressors.

    “….against all enemies, foreign AND DOMESTIC.”

    1. I agree. The coming war is inevitable. It’s only a matter of time now before the SHTF in this country nationwide on a daily basis.

  4. Remember when Eisenhower , in his farewell speech made mention of the “MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX ” . As a people , we did not listen . SHIT HAPPENS .

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