6 thoughts on ““We need to get used to being vaccinated with covid vaccines for the future”

  1. And the government beat goes on. Gotta trust them. They know best for us and you can trust the idiot managers in charge of your families lives. Roll up your sleeves. Be a good sheep citizen as babies die from their mothers vaccinated milk.

  2. What vaccine?
    There’s no vaccine
    Just a bunch of talking heads sounding like idiots

    Someone should ask idiots like this
    That if they are wrong , would they be fine doing 20 years in a max security prison
    Than see what their stance is

  3. !!!!
    All I can say is stay in contact with friends for when phones, internet, and ham get jammed.
    Last year in my area every cell, landline, internet would not work in a 1.5 mile radius. Nothing worked no matter the cell provider.
    No land based business phone would work. No land based internet either.

    Get out that circle they would work.
    Go back in that circle they quit.
    Little bit disconcerting.

  4. Why it’s apparent that Women’s Rights are continuing to kil off all of the gains of Western Civilization. I was very “liberal” in my college days. But allowing women to vote and occupy government positions has killed Western Civilization. Pushing the BIPOC Feminist Goo agenda is just accelerating the West’s demise. 225 years is a long run historically.

  5. Who, the f**k, is this “woman”? She’s obviously the end product of an incredibly successful “mind control” and total spectrum “behavioral modification” program.
    What planet is she living on?
    For me. When I see NPCs like this androgynous human(?).
    My consideration that I am living in a “Matrix” or possibly one of an infinite number of parallel realities? Goes to Infinity.

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