One thought on ““We see no issues but we’re closing everything down anyway”

  1. Here is the problem, the money is gone. No choice but to close. The billionaires are playing us like fools. All the money is in their greedy little pockets, we will have to claw it back.

    The theft has been monumental.. Just look at the insanity around you, this is how they had to play it.

    All these governor’s and mayors have been bought off. Zero for the people…. If we had John Gotti, or Charlie Luciano back in play, this would be over tomorrow.

    Only way is to start shooting traitors, no other way. The New York mafia protected us from this shit. I pray for the return of a healthy and strong return of protection.

    These punk ass traitors are just that, punks…worthless, spinless short pants punks.

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