We Will Not Be Disarmed: List of Senators supporting UN Treaty


Before It’s News – by We Will Not Be Disarmed

In case ya’ll missed it this week.

Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, who had beseeched the members to reach an agreement, said in a statement, “The conference’s inability to conclude its work on this much-awaited A.T.T., despite years of effort of member states and civil society from many countries, is a setback.” He was referring to the official name of the pact, the Arms Trade Treaty. Diplomats said the next step was likely to be further negotiations and a vote at the next session of the United Nations General Assembly in a couple of months.

Treaty supporters, led by activist groups such as Amnesty International and Oxfam America, expressed anger at the failure after early bouts of optimism that a draft of the treaty circulated this week would satisfy American concerns, notably its possible infringement on the Second Amendment right to bear arms — an especially delicate issue during a presidential election year in the United States.

The supporters contended the treaty’s language specified that it would have no impact on such rights. But gun rights groups like the National Rifle Association said the treaty remained “seriously flawed.”

Above is the list that voted for ceding what should be a states decision not just to the Imperialistic Federal Government but to an aspiring international one. Now do I know the language of said treaty would have infringed on my personal rights? No because no draft was ever submitted. However it is my fervent belief the UN acts expressly counter to any US Interest. That in fact the entire organization is used to defeat the founding principals of this country.

Yeah for now they do not even have a proposal for us to not ratify, but the vote this week prevents it from becoming an issue despite both the Obamanation and Kerry’s pledge of US support.

All of these senators should be considered traitors for conspiring against the constitution, and should be charged with treason for serving foreign governments.


26 thoughts on “We Will Not Be Disarmed: List of Senators supporting UN Treaty

  1. I’m curious. Why is Rockefeller NOT going to sign our 2nd amendment rights over to the UN Treaty? Is it me or is something not right there?

    1. Whoops! I read that wrong. These are the ones that DID sign our rights over. Nevermind my previous comment. I must of been half asleep there. My bad. lol

      HANG ‘EM ALL!!!

  2. I for one, will email both my senator, and let them know that I now know who they stand for, and it is not the United States. I will tell them that they are TRAITORS to our Constitution, and should be arrested for wanting to sign our rights over to foreign governments, and should be imprisoned or executed for treason.

    1. Are you in oregon? Iv already done this and looking for a pose to go round up these criminals. I dont care if i get jack booted. This shit has gone to far, for too long, and I have nothing to loose. No kids, no wife and what good is being awake if I just have to listen to others snooring while sucking their thumbs.

  3. Now we have a starting count for some of the many hemp ropes that will be needed after the Republic is restored.

  4. Two Independents and the rest are all Democrats. Why no Republicans? Are they still trying to play that false two political party game on the people again in order to have the people go to war with each other over it? Pathetic.

  5. I hope someone is keeping track. I lost count a while back. There’s just too damn many of them.

    We got more traitors than Carter’s got pills.

    (only the old-timers here will remember that one).

      1. Welcome to the club. I’ll be 60 in a little over five weeks.

        I may not look it, or sound like it, but I sure as hell feel like it at times. (physically, NOT mentally) 🙂

        1. yup……we aint so quick to jump up outa the bed anymore…….its like my pappy said…….”a good and regular morning constitutional was better than sex” LOL!!
          Nah..I aint quite to that point yet….but I can see it over there If I look real hard..Haaaaaaaahaaaa

          1. Your Pappy was right. I get great relief and satisfaction by doing my “Morning Duty”. It’s one of the world most under rated pleasures. How do I spell relief??? hehe

          2. Unfortunately, it seems like the bathroom is further away from the bedroom than it used to be years ago. LOL

          3. Movies in the theaters longer than two hours can pose a problem too sometimes, Smilardog.

            I had to quit drinking coffee a few years ago before going to a Saturday morning matinee.

            Worth the savings, though. (only $6)

    1. Petition? Dude, have you been living under a rock for the past couple of years? Don’t you know by now that Petitions are a joke to the White House and our government. NO ONE READS THEM!!! THEY DON’T CARE!! The only change you’ll get is by the barrel of a gun when we the people stand and fight together united under the common goal of eradicating these bastards from existence.

      Get it through your head, dude. I can petition all day to the Round Rock Police Department about their brutality, but if the chief and Internal Affairs are in on it (which they are), then it’s like telling Satan to stop torturing you. He’ll just laugh and do it more.

  6. I sent letters off to both of my US criminal senators stating that they need not return to oregon for we intent to prosecute them for treason unless we just skip the 4th amendment. I told them so send for their families because anyone retarded enough to be related surely is not going to enjoy being here either. “Stay in DC with the other criminals. You are not welcome here.”

    1. That is a very good idea! Our letters to our representatives should be to inform them that they will be arrested and prosecuted if they return home. Let them know that their crimes are being processed for future trials and convictions. Punishment will be swift public square hanging with American Made Hemp Rope. We The People are the government

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