23 thoughts on “Weather War

  1. I have a feeling someone is trying to kill you all back there…westcoast..11am 70* 10%humitity blue sky, must have given the spray pilots the day off…

      1. untill we get a spark and poof!! at least we still have the super scooper planes out here…sparying I like to see!!! This is year two with no to very little rain…my creek didnt run last year at all…never did that before…and doesnt look like it will this year. LA LA land is a desert after all….

    1. LOL, they are probobly useing blue chem trail spray – sh*t, hope they don`t start doing that now if they haven`t already started.

      1. Not a plane in the sky…thats weird too. near LAX, maybe all the cancelled flights…good drone sighting sky though…Wait till they start drone sparying…People Raid!!!

        1. Now that you mention it ARF, there hasn`t been much for air travel here either, and as they say, I live inder the air line highway east of minneapolis some miles 2+ hours drive time in wi. . Yes there is always a jet flying over head – well at least one every minute or so anyway going east or west.

  2. Arf: if you mean california when you say west coast, you guys are facing the worst drought in history. Check it out, sacramento is already rationing water, and snow pack in northern california is down 90%. This is the third year, with no hope in sight. Southern calif is screwed, so enjoy the sun while you can. No sarcasm here, just letting you know.

  3. I finally got a break. They sent me to Daytona Beach, Florida. I think I’ll stay for a couple of days. Left Chicago last night, suffice to say, a nightmare. Currently in Tennessee doing my ten hour break, cold and wet, been driving in the white stuff all day in getting here. The whole state of Illinois in buried in snow and black ice. Been dealing with the usual assholes all day long. God I love my job….I think.

      1. You got that right Millard. Supposed to rain the whole time I’ll be there except for Tuesday, the day I deliver. Just my luck…

    1. Hey Mark Schumacher-nv i live in west central il. i know what you mean. just had to pick up my grandson, and it didn’t seem too bad on the main streets, but side streets were dicey. didn’t have to get on highway though. i hear they are bad. stay in Daytona man. lay low. hah

  4. 20 degrees above zero here today and it feels like a heat wave. Spring fever in the air and I can let the dog drive around with his head out the window again.

    But we’re going back down to 30 below in a day or two. I like the sub-zero temps. It’s very invigorating, and it keeps all the humans away. And it builds character.

    Get out there and endure it for a few hours, at least. Your body acclimates to it and it doesn’t even bother you for very long.

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