Weathering The Weather: “Let’s Make It Snow Today!”

Call it what you like.  Weather wars.  GeoEngineering.  Climate manipulation.  Climate change.  Too hot – Too cold – Too wet – Too dry.    Blizzard here, Fry there.  Drought deaths, Flood deaths.  All over the globe: Earthquakes.  Hurricanes.  Blue lights in the sky; sun dogs in the sky; sun halos in the sky.

What you call it is no where near as important as what you know about it.  And “they” don’t want you knowing anything…  

Now, as was discussed in “Weather Wars. Weather Weapons.” certain words by their very nature are vague and/or obscure – but they can be made simple.  Take “GeoEngineering”, for instance.  GeoEngineering breaks down simply to “Geo” – attributes of the earth, and “Engineering” – screwing around withEasy.

And this is not a difficult concept despite not growing up with the word GeoEngineering plastered on the side of a cereal box or milk carton.  But not a good thing no matter how the whacko scientists define or defend it.

“Ice Nucleation” isn’t a friendly, generally recognized cuddly term, either.  But Ice Nucleation can also be simply defined.  Ice Nucleation is a big phrase for creating a cold core (or ice nucleus) to which available moisture is attracted.  This moisture then cools down rapidly and becomes snow or ice.  The concept is that basic.

Ice nucleation involves spraying certain chemicals into the atmosphere that will One, remove heat thus chilling the air; and then Two, attract moisture that then forms ice and snow which subsequently fall to the earth (even at temperatures over 40F).  This creates an “instant chill” effect.  This “chill” is part of the freeze-or-fry weather whip-snap the government-military “climate engineers” have crafted so dramatically in recent years, here in the States and globally.

Also, that snow (or hail) is measurably contaminated with whatever the seeding salts were.  These may include ammonia, nitrates, urea…(cow urine?)

(Note: Nitrates provide active nitrogen which is heat-inflicting on the planet far in excess of any CO2 heating ability.  So, we “cool” the planet somewhere with ice nucleated snow or hail just to heat the planet with the nitrogen byproduct?)

There are no guidebooks here, no rules that the gentlemen follow.   They do what they want, as they want, and much of the world sits idly by thumbing text messages, guiding their oxen, watching soap operas, singing Kumbaya, harvesting poppies, sipping wine…


If you’re over 35, you know these are just not “right”. (All pictures are from this link.)

This is Boston Harbor, January 3rd, 2018.  And loaded LNG ships navigate in this harbor.  (Liquified Natural Gas, a slushy product reduced by 600% from its gaseous state and explosively volatile if suddenly disturbed, ie, with a rammed, penetrated hull.)

“Why is so much ice forming on ocean waters that are 40 degrees F or higher? This fact should also be remembered and considered,  sea water does not freeze until it reaches 28.4 degrees

“Headlines from Siberia reveal an incident of uniformly spherical “ice boulders” suddenly washing up on the shores of Nyda, Russia. Are we to believe this is only an ‘act of nature’”?

“Why would the ‘ice boulders’ occur with Arctic sea ice at record low levels? Why would perfectly spherical ‘ice balls’ occur at all?”  

Record hail storm in Quito, Ecuador, February 14th, 2015.

Equador literally means Equator = HOT.

Three feet of hail in East Africa – Eritrea

March 14th, 2014

Hail Storm

Bogota, Colombia

February, 2015

(Summer there.)

Ice Balls, Lake Michigan

Ice Balls, Northern Poland

One theory is that some of these “cooling” salts fall to earth before forming their ice nuclei, then attract the available water on earth to complete the process cycle.  This could account for the uniformly shaped ice balls.  This could also account for the increasingly frequent “Ice Storms” where salt-tainted freezing rain solidifies on vehicles, buildings, plants literally encasing things in ice.

Bus in Versoix, Switzerland.  c. 2017

Ice encased fronds.


So, where are they coming from…?

Could they be coming partly from “ice nucleation” where certain salts are sprayed copiously into the east coast skies, mostly by jets?  Then the Atlantic seaboard graciously supplies all the moisture needed for blizzards up and down the coast?  And are certain air masses and/or high-low pressures being agitated by HAARP  weather-prompting facilities to create winds (in this case from the northeast) that whip these storms up into something the likes of which has rarely been seen before, one storm being worse than another, often locked in place as if by some diabolical genius (or “stalled” pressure front if you will)?

“It Isn’t God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels…”  And it isn’t God Who is geoengineering our climate changes which are in reality engineered climates – a very fine and clear distinction.

There’s lots more we’ll cover: manufactured earthquakes; California’s drought; California’s frighteningly bizarre fires in Santa Rosa and later in southern California; forced hurricanes; deadly flooding.

And somewhere along the line… “DEW on the God Rod” which will take all of this to new heights.  Literally.

Ronnie Herne (c) 2018  All Rights Reserved

One thought on “Weathering The Weather: “Let’s Make It Snow Today!”

  1. Everyone who owns a lab coat belongs in jail.

    There’s no way that you can deny that we’re being deprived of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” when we’re continually being used as the guinea pigs in these crazy science experiments.

    Our lives depend on a stable atmosphere that these nut-jobs are always screwing with.

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