3 thoughts on “WEF Teams with Banks to Trap Canadians in a “Federated Digital ID Ecosystem”

  1. Love the part aboutgoing back to “stone age” or primitive living. Hunter-gatherers and pastorals might live “inconvenient” lives but they live a lot more in freedom. I’ve been saying for a while to learn Bushcraft and there are a lot of good YouTube channels for this (YouTube is still good for a couple of things). One of the best is Corporal’s Corner, at this link: youtube.com/channel/UCX1ztT76CZfs29aGK9Nn7_A

  2. It’s all good & well to live closer to the land & I thoroughly recommend it but we should not be “forced back to the stone age”. Our tools today include technological advancements & those used for good should not be denied us by tyrants who believe they should control everything. We know what needs to be done – the ball just needs to start rolling so we can get on with the job & rid the world of the parasites…

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