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Weird Levi Tillemann, and you ain’t gonna like him

Published on Jun 8, 2018

I’ve had enough of Democrats and Republicans talking past each other on gun control as kids, schools and communities pay the price in blood. That’s why I’ve worked with my team to develop a plan for active school defense measures. We absolutely need to fix America’s gun problem, but that might take a while. Let’s stop talking and start doing. We can protect students and teachers today. No solution is perfect, but this will save lives.

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4 Responses to Weird Levi Tillemann, and you ain’t gonna like him

  1. Darzak says:

    That looks a VERY strong solution of Dawn liquid he’s using to wash the O.C. off.

    That said, the jew previously worked for Obummer… Obviously one of the shills looking to destroy our nation. Get a rope!

  2. Koyote says:

    By the Time you break the glass for the o c. The perp has shot yet ass at least 3 times…

  3. Bill in IL says:

    The walking, talking definition of a Soy Boy.

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