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Welcome to Hell – SNL

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3 Responses to Welcome to Hell – SNL

  1. galen says:

    I found it heartbreaking to watch this. I initially made a simplistic conclusion: NBC hates men. But there’s so much more to it, for “men” have stood between tyranny and freedom, and over the centuries faced down the oppressor many, many times. That is why they must be diminished, marginalized. But it will not happen. I know that from the grapevine that runs through this Trench.

    And the women in this vid, they’ve no idea what they’re serving, but more than that, they’ve no idea what men have given. In my observation over my lifetime, I have seen men give and give and sacrifice. I have seen them risk their very lives, just to do the right thing. I have seem them love with a depth that is stunning and primal. And I have seen in them a selflessness that only attends to their own needs after all those they love have been taken care of. I’m sorry that these women have not seen this side of men and will so readily reduce them to everything ignoble.

    So this is what America sends out over the airwaves, broadcasting to the world a creeping lie. I will expose it at every turn.


    • Martist says:

      Agreed 100%+, Galen. Emasculation and feminization is one of the key components to destroying a revolutionary force. That primal force you speak of is violent rage and physical strength that is fuelled by testosterone which men have more of naturally. This is NOT to say women do not possess strength or rage, for their type of rage and strength is in the way that gives us perfect balance as a well-oiled fighting machine. Dividing that perfectly balanced force is a huge blow against us ALL. A strong man is a force multiplied, not simply added to or in conjunction with a woman.

      • galen says:

        Thank you, Martist. I put this issue right up there in importance along side 2A and rescuing The Bill of Rights. Can’t have rescuing without rescuers.

        A toast to testosterone!!



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