Well Paid Circus Clowns – Rush Limbaugh And Sean Hannity

Millions of dollars a month in salary, a sheep following that would make a Chinese sheep herder envious; throw in a Fox News side act named Sean Hannity and you have the perfect propaganda storm.

For years now American Nationals have had to suffer through the propaganda shit storm that comes out of these two clowns mouths, amazed at how when their gums slap together, they manages to herd the sheeple into a tighter and tighter group. Seemingly giving the impression America is in good hands and doing strong financially. Always agreeing with the assumption that all is good and we are progressing in a legal manner, never addressing the wrongs and treason hundreds of millions of Americans have had to deal with.

As most circus clowns go, Limbaugh is one of the bestselling propagandists worldwide, beloved by millions who are heavily in debt and are about to become homeless, in my world we call these people the “SHEEPLE”. A group of people who are either too stupid or too scared to make their lives better by demanding a change. A change only possible by way of demanding a return to the original Bill of Rights and a return to common law.

Circus clowns such as Limbaugh and Hannity are the easiest to write about because they are among the highest paid circus barking shills in the world, who’s salaries go into the stratosphere. Paid to do nothing more than to advance the globalists agenda. It amazes me how the more these circus barkers flap their gums, the worse things get. And yet, the sheeple seemingly heard themselves tighter and tighter in anticipation of the next words to come out of these two propagandists mouths.

Limbaugh never addresses the 23 trillion dollar debt, never addresses the natural resources being stolen from American soil, never addresses the treason heaped upon the American people on a daily basis, because if he did his multi-million monthly dollar salary would disappear and he would be reduced to nothing more than just another sheep with a bell hung around his pathetic neck.

Millions of people starving living in tents with kids who are living on a meager diet of fish heads and rice, and this clown talks of how well the world economy is doing. People have never before been in so much debt, yet everything is remarkably doing alright.

This imbecile talks about how much he loves his job, how for past decades he has talked into his golden microphone trying to make a difference, when in reality the only difference he has made is the zeros on the end of propagandist salary, and his side kick Hannity has been right there to back his bullshit up.

America had better start to wake the hell up, demand better representation from its mouth pieces or we will continue to disintegrate into fish head and rice stew heaven as idiots such as these two money hungry circus barker continue to rule the airwaves.

Never before has Americans been so close to ruin, as circus freaks such as Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity been allowed to Three Card Monte their way across the American airwaves.

2 thoughts on “Well Paid Circus Clowns – Rush Limbaugh And Sean Hannity

  1. Please excuse any and all spelling errors, I have to rush through these articles, too damn tired and busy to correct all my mistakes.

    No secretaries in this mobile office. ­čÖé I get a hair up my ass and rush this stuff through.

    1. Thank you, Mark. All too true. These media personalities come from families that have long been invested in upholding the propaganda and hiding the truth. Here’s one more, who even though he occasionally tosses crumbs (they all do) also comes from old money, old, old money:


      Thank God we have The Trenches. Such relief comes from knowing we get the truth and if deceivers show up they are quickly dealt with. The Trench is Integrity. It is passion and grit; it is tenacity and intelligence. It is persistence and investigation. And above all, it is solution-oriented. We are not without a way forward. Thank God!


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