Well Paid, Educated and Loud Mouthed Agitators – How CNN Punks America

The other day CNN put on a circus act that has redefined the Barnum and Bailey circus arena by putting on a no talent, well paid agitator named Angela Rye, a clown in the CNN circus lineup. This clown was hired by the CNN circus crew because of her “principle” position over at Impact Strategies, a firm that specializes in making fools out of everyday Americans.

After viewing the video, I was floored on how the circus atmosphere permeated the entire piece, it was a classic misinformation propaganda Vegas stage act.

American Nationals, spread across our country, are fighting against Communism controlled by the Jewish controlled media, a group who wants to ruin the most powerful and dominant country in the world. A country built by the sweat and muscle of American Nationals, not only from American blood, but from bloodlines who entered American hundreds of years ago legally.

CNN and the rest of the Jewish controlled media are effectively brain washing the stupid who don’t get it. These are the people who are too lazy, or too brain dead to form opinions based on history, who succumb to the media circus who cater to these people, and they are doing a damn good job at it. So good in fact, that now we are seeing the destruction of monuments that represent the American heritage, and how America came about. The Jewish controlled media is ruining American values and the American dream.

Slavery is an ugly part of America, just as the hydrogen bomb, saran gas, the destruction and manipulation of American natural resources. Stolen American resources such as uranium by past leaders given to Russia, for personal favors and big cash, not one blurb by the Jewish run media, or Angela Rye, why?

Angela Rye is a Washington attorney, a businesswoman who cherry picks the weakest link, in order to drive expensive cars and live a spectacularly lavish life style.

Angela Rye, go to hell.

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