12 thoughts on “Wendy Williams No no to Vax

  1. I have no idea who she is but if she is in show biz her career just went down the toilet
    I was wishing she asked the doc if he had taken the ‘vaccine’

          1. I hear ya, but couldn’t get myself to post some mostly naked broad covered in whipped cream and screaming into a mic, or cutting a guitar with a chainsaw. 🙂

  2. I always assumed Wendy was a man. But regardless of what he/she is, I was glad this made it to tv and wonder what will come of it. I mean how did it slip through? Intentional? Mistake? He/she needs firing/disappearing? And I like hearing a doctor be told: “Doctors don’t know everything.”


    1. You are correct, with the level of Propaganda and demonizing by all their paid hacks going on, they are definitely gonna shut her-“It’s” ass down.

      This POS, Fake maggot queer Dr. Oz…was stunned by her/its reply, it is almost as if he expected her/it to spew the Mainline Narrative, so they can get “Paid”…

      He is really thinking, shit, Wendy; why are you doing this, Our Kike masters are gonna take you down…

      Yes, “Slipped through the cracks”…! this one did… Now sit back everybody and watch what happens to this persons show and status……………

  3. That dude is nothing but a fake shit stirring drag thing
    That was paid too much money to stir up fake outrage and hypocrisy for stupid people to get absorbed into other people’s problems so we wouldn’t pay attention to the real games being played on us by the Enemy Force In Occupation

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