Went homeless. Done Guerrilla Grazing by choice ever since

Aug 15, 2021

Aaron Fletcher has grazed his sheep and lived off the land as a traveling shepherd for 12 years. He calls it guerrilla grazing (a step above guerrilla gardening, he says) and he lets his sheep graze – with permission- public parks and side lots. Homeless by choice, he offers his services to small farms in exchange for food or a place to stay (though half his calories come from his sheeps’ milk).

With a tiny metal cart home pulled by his sheep, he has a bed, a refrigerator/evaporative cooler, a shower (he uses a pesticide sprayer to pump up the water pressure), power (solar panel), sun oven, a mailbox stove for heat, bicycle tire wheels and a corrugated plastic roof.

Fletcher makes cheese and butter from his sheep milk and forages for seeds, fruits, vegetables and herbs. He’s created a map for foragers in his region. He makes some money with his scythe business – cutting noxious weeds for locals -, but he insists he’s not interested in making money and just hopes to serve as an example for other homeless interested in guerrilla grazing.

4 thoughts on “Went homeless. Done Guerrilla Grazing by choice ever since

  1. Well, we all do what we can, but… Holy Moly!! Is this guy a genius? Just amazing. But what work!! I give him much respect but I doubt I’d be capable of such labor. Maybe if I were half a century younger. Yet, I have a lot of admiration for his integrity and diligence. Inspirational. Not for everyone, but one day everyone may have to live similarly, at least until necessary housing is available for those who want or need it. All skills matter, especially resourcefulness.

    Thanks, Hal, this was certainly a journey, and yet when I experience people such as this man I can’t help but wonder if they are aware of the ever encroaching tyranny and if The Bill of Rights is something they’re familiar with. As we know, those are the other important components of surviving and living free.


    1. Thought it was pretty cool myself, Galen.
      What he political views are I have no idea.
      I look at it as what he’s doing, how he’s doing it, and what he’s using and why.
      It’s cool that he demonstrates and/or explains why.
      The rest is his bag.
      It certainly would be best him knowing the tyranny, and preparing to inforce our Bill of Rights.
      Otherwise it may be sink or swim time 🙂

  2. The system in a nutshell right here. You can tell this man has a thinking cap. Would be hard for him to be that enthusiastic in the system since he can visualize how it is materializing. Strange to see though. Ironic because he is in that situation and some guy who probably can’t figure out how to connect two lightbulbs is in a huge house and driving a luxury car.

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