“We’re Going To War, Bro”: Elite 82nd Airborne In Largest ‘Fast Deployment’ In A Decade

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden

“We’re going to war, bro” — declared a young US soldier from the US Army’s celebrated 82nd Airborne Division. He gave reporters a confident two thumbs up as his unit moved out on its largest “fast deployment” in a decade at a moment Iran has promised to inflict a “historic nightmare” on the US in retaliation for the killing of Qasem Soleimani. 

Reuters provided a detailed account of the uneasy yet somewhat jovial calm before the storm atmosphere that prevailed on the airport tarmac at Fort Bragg, North Carolina as 600 soldiers and many hundreds more support crew flew out.

While Kuwait is expected to be the first stop for most of the some 3,500 total paratroopers ordered to the region, the final destination is classified, and the Army is concerned over information leaks. For this reason the US Army confiscated the cell phones and any personal communication devices of those deploying on the transport planes.

The departing soldiers, with the older generation described by Reuters as more somber and aware of the reality of entering conflict, were keenly aware that war is potentially on the horizon:

The older soldiers, in their 30s and 40s, were visibly more somber, having the experience of seeing comrades come home from past deployments learning to walk on one leg or in flag-draped coffins.

“This is the mission, man,” said Brian Knight, retired Army veteran who has been on five combat deployments to the Middle East…

“They’re answering America’s 911 call,” Knight said. “They’re stoked to go. The president called for the 82nd.”

“The guys are excited to go but none of us know how long they’ll be gone,” Army spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Mike Burns said. “That’s the toughest part,” he added.

Reuters described that for each infantry combat fighter, there are seven support crew deploying, including cooks, medics, mechanics, transport personnel, and chaplains — with the only ones not carrying a rifle among them being the chaplains.

Despite war rhetoric between the US and Iran dominating the news cycle over the prior days, many were surprised to receive the call over the weekend to muster and depart Sunday. The Reuters report related the following:

“I was just watching the news, seeing how things were going over there,” said the 27-year-old, one of several soldiers Reuters was allowed to interview on condition they not be named. “Then I got a text message from my sergeant saying ‘don’t go anywhere.’ And that was it.”

Risks seemed to be pushed to the back of the minds of the younger soldiers, though many packed the base chapel after a breakfast of eggs, waffles, oatmeal, sausages and 1,000 doughnuts.

Another soldier interviewed was actually on an authorized vacation the moment he got the call, and turned around from a trip to Daytona Beach.

“We just got there and I got the call to turn right around and head back to base,” he said. “My wife knows the drill. I had to go. We drove right back.”

Army spokesman Lt. Col. Burns commented, “We’re an infantry brigade. Our primary mission is ground fighting. This is as real as it gets.”

And just like that, Reuters noted, the reality began to set in: “On a single order, hundreds of soldiers jumped to their feet. They lined up single file and marched out carrying their guns and kits and helmets, past a volunteer honor guard holding aloft flags that flapped east in the January wind.”


21 thoughts on ““We’re Going To War, Bro”: Elite 82nd Airborne In Largest ‘Fast Deployment’ In A Decade

  1. “They’re answering America’s 911 call,” Knight said. “They’re stoked to go. The president called for the 82nd.”

    Fkn IDIOT!

    Have fun dying for the international criminal cartel, bankers, and Israhell. I’ll shed no tears for you traitors.

  2. hmmm…. going to war ? or just sending them over who knows where as the UN ‘peace keepers’ (gun grabbers, rapists, pedophiles, etc) deploy here after they pull the plug on the economy….of course they (UN troops) will be joined by the armed ‘refugees’ that have been pouring in from the south and oh yeah the chinese that are already here….just entertaining another scenario

    ‘And just like that, Reuters noted, the reality began to set in: “On a single order, hundreds of soldiers jumped to their feet. They lined up single file and marched out carrying their guns and kits and helmets, past a volunteer honor guard holding aloft flags that flapped east in the January wind.” ……………these are the adult autistics

  3. Been monitoring the anti-war effort. Agents at Code Pink are out there saying something to the effect of, “Make no mistake. Israel is not involved in this and the US absolutely acted alone.”

    Oh brother. Fire is cold and up is down.


    1. code pink co-founder medea benjamin…

      “Susan Benjamin grew up in Freeport, New York, on Long Island, a self-described “nice Jewish girl”.”

        1. Yes, a VERY well funded controlled opposition group, for certain. Pro-commie, pro-lgbtqiaaxyz, but anti-“israel” and has unfettered exclusive access to places and people that WE would get our asses shot off if we got within 100 feet!?

    1. Wow, powerful song, Martist. Never heard it before. That day will come when none will fight their deceptive wars.


      Will someone please close the window?


      1. Haha If young folks want to actually serve their country and NOT the eof, they need to focus on house cleaning FIRST.

        Every time I hear an “amerikan hoo-rah” about going to war, all I can hear is ululation with an American accent. You know, the same people they mock for being “savage warring animals”. Only difference is they got “the american jesus”.

        And WE know who was responsible for the original crusades.

  4. Who’s this “we” shit?

    You got a mouse in your pocket?

    War ,,, “going to”
    Hell pal we the American Nationals have had war declared upon us for the past 30-40 years or so

    Get with the program , must be one hell of a big rock

  5. Yes, go bro! I hope you get everything that’s coming to you, and believe me, something is coming to you. Bro.

  6. And each and every one of them raised their hand and swore an oath to a dead document that they not only know nothing about, but even suspect anything about.
    You are going to someone else’s country as an imperial invader to kill them, man, woman, and child, for the resources that belong to them. Your king has sent you as conscripts to die, have your arms blown off, have your minds blown out. And one day when you return home, if you are lucky enough to return home, you may come to realize what you are a part of and commit suicide.
    We have watched this happen over and over again. It is fact and you are fools, bought and sold conscripts from one king to another. Nothing more.

    1. Exactly! Well said, Henry!

      That’s what I said to my friend who has family members in the military and are flying over there. I told him his family members are not fighting for America. They are mercenaries fighting for a corporation and that we don’t have a real military anymore. He understands and doesn’t like it, yet some of his family members are in the 82nd division like this article states. Right now one of his kids is supposedly in Iran and has flown in with his unit under the cover of night. Even my friend knows the truth but there’s nothing he can do for his kid but pray. It’s sad.

  7. Uh oh.

    A Ukrainian Boeing 737 with 180 passengers on board has crashed after taking off from Iran’s Khomeini Airport in Tehran due to technical issues, Tasnim news agency reported on Wednesday morning.”

    “There have been no further details so far concerning possible casualties in the accident. An investigation team is reportedly at the scene.”

    Boeing 737 with 180 Aboard Crashes After Take-Off from Tehran Airport – Reports:



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