We’re told Mount Rushmore has to go

5 thoughts on “We’re told Mount Rushmore has to go

  1. Before we let anybody have it, make sure we carve Oprah, Donald’s and Hillary’s faces into the goddamn thing.

    May even Dennis Rodmans if your feeling chippy.

  2. Reminds me of a history lesson in 7th grade when we did the history of NY state….the Dutch stole Manhattan from the Iriquoi Confederacy who stole it from the Alguonquin Confederacy….

    And I wonder whom the Creek/Choctaw/Cherokee/whoever stole Oklahoma from?

    As for Texas…the white man stole it from the Comanches, who stole it from the Apaches, who stole it from the Navaho…and on and on….


    1. I know. The games we play. But of course the Commies don’t care. They just want to make sure us Americans don’t have anything. They don’t care about the Indians and the Mexicans. They can handle them. They just can’t handle us.

      Give ’em Hell!

  3. If they want their land back, well I guess that they have to put on their battle Brea hes and take it back ain’t that how it works?

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