West African Ebola Outbreak is a Hoax

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Make no mistake about it the claim of a West African Ebola outbreak which has made it to the Western world is a fake and a hoax. The photographic evidence does not support the existence of a real outbreak and, rather, demonstrates the degree of the fraud.

What is surely fraudulent is the claim of there are active cases of Ebola in the Western world. This is entirely fake; there are no US cases nor any cases in Europe, whether Eastern or Western.   

Nevertheless, this is clearly proven by the video created by Higher Truth Channel. The videographer has done a superb job proving that this is absolutely a fraud:

There is no doubt about it this is a psyops. The Spanish patient is non-existent. That same is true of the US patients. It’s a complete fake. The  evidence from Spain proves it. Fake beyond belief, the whole claim of cases of Ebola being transported to Western countries is a terminal lie.

These are military men. There is no way this could be the case in a real epidemic; there is no need for such a military escort for a mere epidemic case.


It can be seen, as demonstrated below, that the men in the suits are also military, with one of them saluting the ambulance as it pulls up:


The hard evidence, though, is in relationship to the person in the isolation unit. That’s because there is no such person. The unit is empty.


The IV bag is being held outside the unit; that makes no sense. It means the unit is not a truly isolation one, that is it is exposed to the elements. This means that this entire event is being staged.


There is no one there, as is proven by zooming in:


There are clamps inside the unit and various medical devices. However, there is no human in the element, and that fact is absolute.


Now comes the media circus and also the three ring circus of the police cars, motorcycles, and multiple ambulances. There is purportedly only one patient. Yet, there are three ambulances, all in a row?


Here is yet another image, a much clearer one, of the Spanish part of the hoax. Once again, the men in the protective suits are military agents, not medical people. There is no patient in the isolation unit. It is all a filthy lie.

The locals know it is a hoax, as is demonstrated by the following board:

Note how there is the claim that some 300 people have been killed by the government actions against Ebola, not by the disease itself. Corruption, fraud, and criminal activities are noted.

Dr. Kent Brantly (2nd R) speaks with colleagues at the case management center on the campus of ELWA Hospital in Monrovia, Liberia in this undated handout photograph courtesy of Samaritan's Purse. REUTERS-Samaritan's Purse-Handout via Reuters

What about the missionaries? They, too, are a part of the hoax. Their role is being staged, just like the non-existent Spanish patient:

Dr. Kent Brantly (R) of Samaritan's Purse relief organization is shown in this undated handout photo provided by Samaritan's Purse, wearing personal protective equipment as he gives orders for medication to the Ebola patients through the doorway of the isolation unit at the case management center on the campus of ELWA Hospital in Monrovia, Liberia.   REUTERS-Samaritan's Purse-Handout via ReutersThis is the same chapel as seen before. The miserable UN-coordinated missionaries are a major part of this fraud. No missionaries were sickened. These individuals are crisis actors, just like the fake passengers of MH17.

The hoax is being used to frighten people and also to distract them. Surely, it is a distraction from the arch-Zionist crimes in Palestine.

Is not, then, the entire event a mere play? Is there even a single real death from Ebola in the supposed epidemic zones. It looks like the medical team is having a grand and glorious time.

The people in the white and yellow suits are staging agents. The girl on the stretcher is in all likelihood a crisis actor. It’s all a fake. No one died, and no one was injured, and this is absolutely the case for all acclaimed Ebola patients transported to the US or other Western countries.
There are no such cases of Ebola in these countries. It is all a diabolical lie.

7 thoughts on “West African Ebola Outbreak is a Hoax

  1. These evil scumbags! Why go through the elaborate scheme to deceive people’s of the world! I understand that they want everyone in fear of everything, I understand they want their new world order. Leave us alone!

    What I find mind boggling is that they can get so many people to go along with this crap. What motivates these crisis actors? Money? Are they told it’s an excersise? You couldn’t pay me enough to be involved in role playing or otherwise. I have too much respect for my fellow man, and I have no desire to deceive. That anyone can perpetrate a hoax on his fellow man, tells me they are not human. It’s just sick.

    1. I know. I can’t believe people would want to get paid to do this stuff. How sick can they be? I wonder if they even know what they are doing or are given a “no questions asked” form to sign. Even then, it’s all over the news, so how could they not know? These people are truly sick.

      1. Yeah NC, I can’t wrap my mind around it. There will be hell to pay. I hope sooner than later. Everything is getting crazier by the day. This can’t possibly go on much longer before somebody or something breaks. It’s coming. I can feel it. Stay strong.

      2. It’s not so much that they want to get paid to deceive.

        I’m from L.A. and I’ve been in the TV industry. People will do anything on camera for minimum wage just to get paid for doing something fun, with the hope of becoming rich someday. Plus, if you get to tell people you’re an actor…your social value goes up. So, they can find people to do crisis skits, no problem. That’s one reason.

        The other reason is the same reason Obama can screw the people over, and have no sense of guilt. He was deliberately bred to be on a team that is opposed to humanity. Meaning someone and/or some group is breeding compliant individuals.

        1. And all they have to do to satisfy their greed is sell their soul and sell out their country, fellow countrymen, families and commit treason? They are guilty of all those things and should be punished accordingly. Their time will come for their crimes and maybe then they can “act” as if they are getting what they deserve.

    1. Hey JENO, did you blow up the pic above? The right side of the message board writes of the drinking water being poisoned to mimic Ebola.

      I watched the video that you posted. Everyone is in “protective gear”,with the exception of the two military guys opening the plane hatch near the beginning. wtf! Confirmation of a hoax no doubt. Many questions no doubt. Good post.

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