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West Virginia Spends $87 Mil. For New MUSLIM Housing

Published on Mar 6, 2019

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13 Responses to West Virginia Spends $87 Mil. For New MUSLIM Housing

  1. Katie says:

    Pathetic!!! Illegals from the world over living way above Americans. Shaking my head!!

  2. Bud Fox says:

    I dug into this a little bit this AM…the man in the video isn’t quite right, apparently.
    Behind him is the newly-rebuilt Section 8 “hood” in western Charleston…a typical model of urban blight originally funded with working peoples’ money to house non-working baby making scum al la President Johnson’s equal opportunity initiative. The rebuild has been funded for $87M as he states, using working peoples’ money (again). I’m sure it will be a worn-out shithole again in 10 year’s time.
    Re the Syrian muslim connection….I couldn’t find a connection. In fact, the only mention of Syrian refugees in WV I could find said only 5 were taken in a couple years ago.
    Not sure what the video’s maker is trying to do or if he was just misinformed….or if I’m completely off the rails…!

    • Katie says:

      This vid is on Hal Turners channel. He didn’t make it but he is distributing it. Seems somewhere down the path of time I’ve heard Turner is not a reliable source. Correct me if I’m misinformed.

      • JoeSTP says:

        Your not misinformed Katie, I also recall something in the news back about 5 yrs. ago. He is a Jew, so go figure!!

        • Katie says:

          JoeSTP, thank you. I will say there are & have been some jews that have poured the light on the situation we & the world faces due to their evil.

          I didn’t know he was jooish, so if he’s not a truth bearer, this may be why he has this guys vid. on his site & if the vid. is inaccurate as Bud is purporting, then Hals agenda may be to put the muslims in a bad light.

      • Martist says:

        I believe he was a fed in a honeypot operation. Complete controlled opposition.

  3. deon says:

    the reason why i sent the video is to show how americans are getting the short end of the stick while others especially illegals coming from south of the boarder get more than every american who have had their money stolen better know as taxes cant even benefit from it .

    • Katie says:

      deon, I knew that is why you sent it in. This discussion is no reflection upon your post. That short end of the stick is doing way too much poking!!!

  4. galen says:

    The principle of “taking care of your own first” has been abandoned in America. Funny thing is, when you do take care of your own, you strengthen them so much that they are in a much better position to help the other. But win/win is too much for the controllers to accept. They have to be perpetually on top, doing as they will, while the rest of us are stolen from.

    Today my friend told me that Bibi is their Messiah and Kushner is only Trump’s handler. I wondered what happened to those charges against Bibi and wife. Swept under rug? They have not yet been relegated to luxury prison complete with limos and slaves. Relegated, so torch can be passed to next front-man.


  5. galen says:

    Related, and I’m just starting this, but case in point…

    Seattle Is Dying:



    • galen says:

      This is a powerful look at the demise of a vital city, one of many major cities experiencing such demise. But it puts solution in the hands of the establishment and does not look to cause, to who puts drugs on the street, who pays slave wages, who has stolen the riches of American Nationals right out from under them. To not look at cause is to perpetuate the problem, a problem that affects all of us. Still, it’s important to look here and see what our human family is facing at the hands of zio communist control. Well, they always say it will get worse before it gets better. How much worse? Not easy to think about that.


  6. s says:

    Look at Dearborn Michigan they get their numbers up we will be fighting for our constitution because the vast majority of muslims want sharia law in the USA and around the entire world. Keep them out and we wont have to deal with that problem, we have so many problems that can lead to war and our corrupt politicians keep bringing these migrants in. This is the trogan horse and we keep forgetting history, so sad

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