What happens When You Bury a Shipping Container, a Cautionary Tale – Burying the Box, SHTF Shipping Container Tips

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As a child my first concept of prepping was a basement in a large log cabin sort of house in which lived some friends of our family. The stairs in the house were wooden and unfinished, the type you might see on an outdoor deck or patio. I could see beneath them as I walked up to the second story to play. Bathed in the glow of a single, naked dangling light bulb (like the ones you see flickering and swaying in horror movies) sat a giant Saint Bernard dog. I have long forgotten the name of the dog but can clearly visualize an image of his shadow cast onto that door. Years later I would find that behind that door there was a room that housed a myriad of cans, bottles, bags, jugs, crates, barrels and all other manner of storage vessels full of all sorts of different foods, household items and just about everything else you could imagine. When asked what the contents of this room were for the owner’s response was simple: “We are prepared for anything.”

Now I’ve got a family of my own and I work in the shipping container industry. My duties are mostly technical but I’m also responsible for most of our company’s online endeavors, which involves quite a bit of reading and research. In my hours spent digging through articles and blog posts there are a few things that come up quite regularly. One of them is the idea of burying a shipping container to use as a shelter or storage space. I’ve heard a lot of stories about things like this, some in articles posted on the Internet, some in forum discussions, and a few tales even passed around the office. Using my what I’ve learned from my research, the knowledge of the 25+ years of combined industry experience I’m lucky enough to have here in my office, I’ve put together a few things that I think are important to know/do if you’re planning on buying a container and putting it in the ground.

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2 thoughts on “What happens When You Bury a Shipping Container, a Cautionary Tale – Burying the Box, SHTF Shipping Container Tips

  1. I’ve tried to explain this to some people
    They just think I’m shitting on their idea
    I have two of these shipping containers in my contractors yard
    Sure you can stack them , the 4 corners are designed for that
    But the side walls are not and neither is the roof
    It’s just thin sheet steel
    Earth per cubic foot is pretty heavy
    Add rain and it just gets heavier

    But I’ve only been in heavy industrial work for 38 years so I must not know anything

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