6 thoughts on “What I Don’t Understand About Border Patrol Checkpoints

  1. They always show Chicago as being within 100 miles of a border. However, the closest border crossing is Detroit, 280 miles away. Jack booted thugs need the noose.

  2. The Myth breaks down with the removal of assumptions and words. Citizen is synonymous with slave. In ‘our own country’ is based on the patriot myth that it is ‘your’ country. It was set up by the Hudson Bay Treaty that renigged on the contract made with Native Peoples to where all treaties were violated and the country was taken over by military force, occupied, and Rules (not laws or codes) were put in place for the occupation culminating in the other myth that The People in the Delcaration and Constitution meant anything other than Yahoods. You are not a signatory to any of those documents so you cannot trespass on them by claiming them. This is NOT YOUR LAND. It was stolen by military force by those who rent it to you as a TENANT on your deed. The banks had you declared Enemy combatants so that every single debt note you process is surveilled by them because to use their money is an act of terrorism. You can think of ‘countries’ as merely different Cell Blocks in prisons. You have to be checked by the prison gaurds before going from one cell block to the next. Lysander Spooner exposed this all but he never took it to the limit of the Yahoodim claiming the whole world as a military occupation. The armed soldier on every street in Israel is the goal in the New Jerusalem of the United States which was the goal of the foundling fathers who were all Family. It was George Washington who put to the Continental Congress that Hebrew should be the official language of the USA. I would teach this to my children so that they knew that they were ‘born into slavery, Neo’, so that there would never be any doubt about what ‘rights’ were. The Elders of Szion say: Rights are that which is taken by force.

    Put a man in a uniform, send him to a foreign country with a free-fire zone, destroy his mind, bring him home, put him in a uniform, and he will see a free-fire zone among ‘his own people’. Reap what They have sown.

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