What if you can’t buy primers for handloading, DIY ammo option

Published on Mar 24, 2013 by Jon with no h shootology channel

I perform an experiment to see if it is viable to reuse spent primers, and remake them into something useable. This is just a proof of concept idea, not intended as a large scale option. If you watch to the end you will see my results, and a few things I learned along the way.

Here is an updated video, with some of the suggestions from comments to this video.


2 thoughts on “What if you can’t buy primers for handloading, DIY ammo option

  1. I haven’t tried this yet, but in a pinch it might work. If however you are in a humid climate this might prove to be a problem keeping the caps dry.

  2. everytime i come up with 30 or 40 bucks i go buy another box of primers ..

    I can make projectiles, i can fix a brass case.. if i had to i probably could make or find a way to get powder, but i buy enough of it too ( i dont take that for granted either) but im not going to be making hundreds or thousands of primers this way .. so stack em deep , were going to need em

    not to mention the reliability of this idea isnt up to my life standards ,, when i pull that trigger i want it to go boom with out any bullshit

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