What in the world is actually going on? Document reveals plans, step by step.

Here is a youtube video by Dana Ashlie showing just a fraction of the extent of this GLOBAL-COUP, and one of the Rockefeller documents (which we have already posted) that show the step by step enactment of it.

WARNING: I was so f’n furious by time I was just 5 ~ 6 minutes into it, I had to keep taking breaks or I was going to explode!

The first half of this video is Ashlie showing video clips from countries all over the world of how this Global-Coup is being executed in each country,… which are almost all the same,.. COMPLETE Tyranny! Enforced by the threat of violence, or in many cases the actual beating of people into submission!

The second half of this video, she goes into the Rockefeller Foundations Blue-print for this called: “Scenarios For The Future Of Technology and International Development”,.. which is a typical global government disguise word salad for: Operation Global Enslavement!”

It is difficult to watch this without your blood pressure hitting a maximum, but watch it you should, feeling DEEP and POWERFUL ANGER, you should!,.. and get your mind accustomed to the idea they are NOT going to back down this time, they do intend to push this Global-Enslavement, they do intend to push the micro-chipping and FORCED VACCINATIONS, and the THE ONLY WAY TO STOP IT IS,.. DIRECT CONFRONTATION, EXTREME VIOLENCE, AND ARRESTING THE SURVIVING TRAITORS,TRYING, & HANGING ALL THESE PERFIDIOUS FILTH BAGS TO FREE OURSELVES, AND OUR CHILDREN OF THEM!!


God Speed To All My Fellow Americans, Patriots, Fighters, and those that support our fighters!

JD – US Marine Fighting Against Global Enslavement!

5 thoughts on “What in the world is actually going on? Document reveals plans, step by step.

  1. Why hasnt the people risen up and over thrown the local leaders of some of these cities that have sided with the communist in disbanning their police and overthrowing their cities

    1. I agree with you in despising the communists, but those local leaders are corporate CEOs of corporate boards and they too are communists.
      This unlawful United States Corporation has no authority to police us. These are private security firms, corporations, with zero authority to police we American nationals and in fact exist in violation of our supreme ratified law contained in the 9th and 10th Articles of our Bill of Rights.
      THE BILL OF RIGHTS IS F-KING LAW, and under that document we can have only elected sheriffs, coroners, and judges, directly answerable to the people’s exclusive authority to arrest, try, and judge cannot be disparaged.
      The United States Corporation is a violation of the law being perpetrated by criminals and they sure as hell are not my leaders.
      The question is why haven’t the people who make up the 75% who are refusing this shit and refusing to participate and have every lawful authority, not shooting the corporate communists and the Marxists out of their cities?

      1. Ok, Henry, I’m now convinced you have a beeper that goes off regardless of where you are, even asleep in bed, that lets you know when a comment that has to be dealt with comes in. 🙂

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