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What is a Patriot?

The term patriot is thrown and bandied about from so many directions and perspectives that it has become meaningless.  The enemies of freedom and liberty love the word because they understand it for the misnomer that it is.

A patriot in communist red China is the man or woman who turns his or her neighbor into the government police, for speaking against the policies thereof.

A patriot in Israel is a megalomaniac who snipes unarmed Palestinian children for coming too close to a fence that the military occupation of Israel has declared cannot be crossed.  

A patriot in the United States, hell a hero patriot, is described as an individual who goes to another sovereign country and kills its people to rearrange contracts and steal the indigenous people’s resources.

And then there are those calling themselves the patriot movement, who hold their heads high as they participate in political maneuvering, designed to build power cliques to the benefit of the few and the detriment of the many.

I am an individual freeman sovereign national for the united States of the Americas.  My people are of a unique culture wherein the pigment of one’s skin cannot enter into the equation.  My rights are enumerated in the original Bill of Rights for my people, won in blood, written in absolute fact, that not one word or punctuation mark has changed since its adoption.

Because that Bill of Rights does not consist of individual amendments to the Constitutional contract, that Bill of Rights is indeed a separate body of law that can never be changed or diminished as affirmed by the 9th Article to that document.  The Bill of Rights is separate and apart from any notion of any collective or government authority over any individual.

There has never existed any court as a part of the constitutional government apparatus that could ever define or regulate the Articles of the Bill of Rights to any degree.  Again, this is affirmed by the 9th Article to that Bill of Rights.

There has never existed any individual state jurisdiction or court with the authority to define or regulate the Articles of the Bill of Rights as affirmed by the 9th and 10th Article.

The Bill of Rights belongs to the people, and that is to each and every individual, apart from any notion of any government or collective authority of any kind.  The Bill of Rights is the guaranteed peace of mind and body that is the birthright of every American national.

We have allowed our argument concerning the gross and absolute declaration of the removal of the document to confuse our understanding of what the natural right to peace of mind and body is in reality.  The treacherous removal of our common law courts and the institution of the seditious and treacherous federal admiralty and state administrative admiralty courts, has allowed an argument to ensue that by logic cannot exist.

Our natural born rights are not a piece of paper.  The most intelligent men of the era of the declaration of the rights, through the blood of our brethren from a state of war that would not end until the right of peace of mind and body was secured, simply enumerated the core maximums and the absolute procedures that would assure the state of the free mind and body or guarantee immediate enforcement through absolute assertion of the right on the spot.  We were not to be relieved of our right to peace of mind and body for a single instant by any notion of any government authority as affirmed, again by the 9th and 10th Articles of that Bill of Rights, as absolutely unchanged since it was declared.

Now we are presented with the notion that outside bodies known as the United States federal government and fifty state government apparatuses can step before us peaceful beings at peace in mind and body by our right and accost us, and then we are supposed to present some kind of paper work to these foreign unlawful attacker, after which, through an illegally created jurisdiction as affirmed by the 9th Article, they will declare their attack lawful when they know absolutely that it cannot be.

The body of our right of the peace of mind and body tells us in absolute terms that only we amongst ourselves have the lawful and moral authority to examine one man’s right to peace of mind and body as opposed to another’s.

The enumeration in the original unchanged document of the enumeration of the right to peace of mind and body lays out in absolute and the strictest terms the peaceful way we, the individual free sovereigns, define our peace of mind and body and does declare in that enumeration only the individual, equal in right in peace of mind and body to his fellow national as a living being, has the authority to exercise the procedures contained in the body of the document.  Every individual freeman sovereign national has their absolute rights within the realm of the enumeration of the peace of body and mind as a sovereign national.

The government apparatuses, which were created for the very purpose of protecting the individual freeman sovereignty from outside attack, have become the outside attackers.

When litigating amongst ourselves, within the confines of the absolute right to the peace of mind and body, it is our obligation to examine every issue and hear every word that any free national states as relevant.  We are to deliberate ad nauseam, as in the end, the goal of the outcome is indeed our own rights to peace of mind and body.

But when an outside aggressor, taking any form, declares a power to step in as an authority above and beyond the individual, they have declared a power that clearly cannot exist, as declared by the 9th and 10th Articles.  This is a direct, on the spot attack upon the individual’s absolute right to peace of mind and body.

As the 9th Article declares that no authority can be created in the Constitution for a government charged to serve the people through the people’s authority to usurp the people’s authority, which is that right to the peace of mind and body, it is a direct outside foreign attack, in which case there is no discussion, there is just direct reaction to the assault.

We do not have to talk to any foreign entity outside the common law procedural due process in reference to our rights, as no foreign entity can bring themselves to that discussion as they have no standing in the people’s common law as an outside entity.  They can only be considered as an attacker thereof.

As they have violated the very strict procedures that have to be followed before a question can even be raised, let alone before any one of us can be approached and our peace of mind and body be molested, and as they have done so, not in their capacity as an individual national seeking peaceful resolution to an honest disagreement, they are rogue attackers.  It is the duty of every American national, one to another, to bear the arms and destroy the attacker on the spot.

It is not the act of a patriot that allows the infringement under the notion that they will argue with an enemy assailant about that which they know to be absolute.

In the peace of the mind and body for the American individual nationals, a question of right between us is a peaceful exercise of our care for one another and our moral need to be right in the way we are conducting ourselves.  Any outside attack upon the peaceful due process is in violation of the peaceful procedural due processes guaranteed to preserve the peace of the mind and body.  It is a direct attack on our people et.al. and we are bound by one another and our true founding fathers to sacrifice our lives to establish the state of the peace for the mind and the body, to kill the rogue criminal assailant on the spot.

Those who think they have created authorities above we the people, that through their self-declaration of power, can allow them to attack our blood-won peace of mind and body, must be made to understand that we understand who we are and that we will live our lives peacefully and at peace in mind and body, intertwined with our peaceable agreement of right and will destroy on the spot any criminal foreign agent that attempts to accost that peace to the smallest degree.

It is our right, it is our duty, and we will live free or die, killing those who think we do not know who we are and of our right to be left alone, at peace intertwined with our law.

Now, for those calling yourselves Christian patriots, who have tried piecemeal through interpretations irrelevant to written fact to change the articles of peace to suit your own notions of what your brothers’ peace of mind and body needs to be, I will only play the argument game to a small extent.  I have heard many of you stand up and declare that the rights to peace of mind and body are endowed by He who you call Creator, yet it always confused me why the written enumerations in the Bill of Rights just didn’t quite settle right with you.  I’ve read the Bible and I see ten thousand ways to interpret it.  I’ve always argued how could such confusion come from a perfect deity.

Well I’ll tell you what, those enumerations in that Bill of Rights are perfectly written fact that can only be interpreted one way.  They are all good, as the end goal is individual peace of mind and body and absolute right to decide with absolute obligation and with absolute dictation that every other individual has the same rights.

If there were ever words from a deity meant to bring peace and goodness to those that would follow it and defend it, it is the Bill of Rights.  No matter how many times you read it or get in groups and read it or discuss it, it can only be interpreted one way.

In the end equation, it is the absolute protection.  If you believe the words come from your God to protect the free conveyance for the endless debate on what He meant in His message which seems to have fallen apart on the Tower of Babel, if you believe it came from Him, will you not stand and defend the absolute right on the spot as the body of law itself dictates it must be defended if attacked in any degree?  It seems to be preferable to try to declare the common law to be contained within the open subject matter writings deciphered by mortals at the top of the Tower of Babel.

Our Bill of Rights is not a document we are going to argue with those who have openly declared they intend to enslave us.  This most precious freedom of the mind and body that was achieved at such great sacrifice is under direct attack right in front of every one of our eyes, and you will either stand and defend it on the spot, or see if you can attorn your way to paradise finding that just right excuse in an interpretation of the babble.

That our people have not become savage in this fight, I put at your feet.  No man is a patriot for the free mind and the free body that is not vehemently challenging and demanding from every other sovereign national that they stand and they stand now, without exception.  Even if it costs our lives and the violation may occur through the unjust taking of our lives, there will be consequence and punishment immediately.  This is something they cannot stop by removing the common law courts that we would be punishing them through.  It just simply activates the 2nd Article and the Bill of Rights is enforced on the spot.

I know that the elitist propaganda machine and the traitors that serve the United Nations’ Zionist empire will continue to call themselves patriots, right up to the day we carve Traitor on their gravestones.  But out here in the realm of the American nationals, you will cease calling yourselves patriots because you are not.

If you do not stand now, you are hypocrites.  For you believers, who think you can find an interpretation in the babble to buy you a pass to give you leave from your absolute duty, or think Saint Peter is going to provide you a court appointed attorney to assist you in your argument in the end equation, you can tell me to go to hell.  But I tell you, the definition of a patriot for the American nationals under our living Bill of Rights is the one who will stand and die for it on the spot, not trying to talk his way to lesser tyranny trough some notion of some self-righteousness that rises above the individual right to peace of mind and body.

Destiny bless the free peace of mind and body to those deserving of it.

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22 Responses to What is a Patriot?

  1. H D says:

    Well said Henry

  2. Ed Teach says:

    2nd that!

    Good stuff.

    That being said im putting on a croatian pistol in an Israeli holster and going shopping for Chinese co2 and pellets so i can drink local beer and shoot local steel plates in my backyard today.
    Because i can.
    As for tyranny… I may need some more .45acp and 12ga slugs.

  3. OKC koyote (super genius) says:

    Good stuff man..

  4. Norm says:

    Eloquent Sir.


  5. Mark Schumacher in LV says:

    Great topic, I consider myself an American National, not sure how much of a patriot I am. I want my freedoms back, I want my guns back. I want to be happy.

  6. Mark Schumacher in LV says:

    I just want to add, Henry, no matter what your opinion of him, knows how to lay the word out. I have always admired my brother for that, he lays it out so we can all understand, clearly.

    This is what is so special about Henry, this is why I call him a leader, in that he directs the orchestra so we can all understand why were all at this site.

    His words mesh perfectly, no bullshit. All from the heart and soul, hard to find men like this. This is why I back him 100 percent, when it’s as good as this, this is what you do.

    I hope and pray each and every one of you have a chance to meet this man, what you read here, is what you get, one hell of a special man.

  7. Colesdad says:

    We people blessed with the ability to critically think and the wherewithal to analyze the world around us should take a page from the wild pig playbook. They don’t beat you all at once but one rooting at a time and they never stop.

    People blessed with the ability to critically think and the wherewithal to analyze the world around us and the drive and inclination to make it right.

    My definition of what a Patriot initially was and still is…as we read and comment rooting continues as it will never stop. One conversation leads to another.

  8. Angel-NYC says:

    It is wonderful to see you writing again, Henry. 😀 😀 😀

  9. mary in ND says:

    Our Bill of Rights…..profound simplicity……..excellent post Henry

  10. galen says:

    “The government apparatuses, which were created for the very purpose of protecting the individual freeman sovereignty from outside attack, have become the outside attackers.”

    And there it is. A clear picture of what we’re up against.

    Thank you, Henry. Especially for pointing out the obligation we all have to face this oppressor and stop it in its tracks. May the wherewithal be summoned. If those who came before and gave all for freedom tapped into it, we certainly can, too.

    To forward this article is to help sound The Clarion Call.


  11. Katie says:

    Beautifully poignant. Thank you Henry.

  12. DL. says:

    I’ve done it before, and I’ll do it again. Keep it up, Henry!

  13. Sunfire says:

    Straight to the point as always. Well written, the question is what will those who read it do with that knowledge.

    • Mark Schumacher in LV says:

      This site has influenced decisions by the illegal as hell 9th circuit court. I believe that wholeheartedly, without a doubt.

      Most recently , the decision that guns are a constitutional right. Now that could be torn apart into tiny pieces later, but it’s a start.

  14. James M. says:

    Another fantastically great article !!

  15. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    “I’ve read the Bible and I see ten thousand ways to interpret it.”

    As far as I’m concerned, one verse says it all, Henry…

    “Mark 12:30 – 31 KJ

    30 And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment.

    31 And the second is like, namely this, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these.”

    If one discounts the first, the second commandment is the entire Bill of of Rights in a nutshell.

    If one loves one’s neighbors as oneself, they will do no harm to that neighbor or to his possessions.

    The entire BoR in that simple sentence… “Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.”

    I see no conflict.

    • Henry Shivley says:

      There is no conflict until a rogue outside force steps directly up to destroy the covenant. With the paper enforcement removed, that leaves lead, right on the spot, without hesitation, as there is no doubt of the crime and the fact that punishment is not going to be avoided anymore.

      • # 1 NWO Hatr says:

        Do you want to know what I see as the main problem with the majority of today’s Christians, Henry?

        “Matthew 10:16 KJ

        16 Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.”

        Many have the ‘harmless as doves’ part down pat, BUT… notice what Jesus said FIRST… ‘wise as serpents’.

        Sadly, Henry, I’ve found that most are as dumb as a sack full of hammers when it comes to reality. They are totally clueless as to who their TRUE (mortal) enemy is (the stinking jews).

        Not to even mention the 501(c)(3) corruption.

        • Henry Shivley says:

          I am looking down on them from a high spot and what I see are a pack of f#@king cowards, embracing one another in discussion in the impossible task of finding righteousness in their cowardice.
          They have the same eyes I have, they have seen the same things I have seen, and they wither in cowardice, as they proclaim their might through the power of the Lord.
          You will not find any Trenchers among them, they are not we and we are not they. I don’t know about you, but I have had it with them and their big f#@king plans for ‘some day’.
          Our Bill of Rights is under direct attack from an enemy who has declared their intent to destroy it. We are supposed to be f#@king shooting them, not having a conversation.

          • # 1 NWO Hatr says:

            I have disassociated myself from ANYONE who refuses to see the TRUTH, Christian or otherwise (family included).

          • Katie says:

            …”embracing one another in discussion”…..
            When I would call in with a simple question or comment the answer, if I got one, would go on and on and on….
            I honestly think they enjoy hearing themselves talk and are not interested in the enforcement of our Bill of Rights.

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