What IS a ‘vacuum bomb’? Savage superweapon Ukraine claims Russia has detonated

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Ukraine has accused Russian of launching cluster and vacuum bomb attacks as part of a terrifying offensive, with the country’s president claiming that Vladimir Putin‘s actions amounted to war crimes.

But just what are vacuum bombs, how do they work and what happens to innocent civilians caught in their wake?

Vacuum bombs — also known as thermobaric weapons — are among the most powerful non-nuclear weapons ever developed, and are banned under the Geneva Conventions.

The high-powered explosive weapons, which use the atmosphere itself as part of the explosion, are capable of vaporising bodies, crushing internal organs and reducing cities to rubble, causing huge loss of life.

There has been no official confirmation that vacuum bombs have been used in the conflict in Ukraine, but footage from the country has shown thermobaric rocket launchers on Russia’s TOS-1 vehicles.

Ukraine’s ambassador to the US accused Putin’s forces of using a banned thermobaric bomb on the capital of Kyiv overnight.

Footage has also emerged of the use of cluster bombs, which are banned by an international treaty called the Convention on Cluster Munitions (CCM).

Cluster bombs, a type of explosive weapon which scatters ‘bomblets’ over an area. Russians are now using banned cluster munitions against civilian areas in Kharkiv, experts and activists have warned.

Cluster munitions were also to destroy a school in Okhtyrka, activist group Amnesty said, in which three people including a child were killed.

Thermobaric weapons were developed by both the US and the Soviet Union in the 1960s.

In September 2007, Russia detonated the largest thermobaric weapon ever made, which created an explosion equivalent to 39.9 tons.

The US version of the weapon reportedly costs more than $16 million each.

A vacuum bomb, or thermobaric weapon, sucks in oxygen from the surrounding air to generate a high-temperature explosion, typically producing a blast wave of a significantly longer duration than that of a conventional explosive and is capable of vaporizing human bodies.

The bomb works by using oxygen from the surrounding air to generate a high-temperature explosion, making it far deadlier than a conventional weapon.

Thermobaric explosives apply the principles underlying accidental unconfined vapor cloud explosions, just like those that plagued British flour mills in the 19th century.

The weaponry initially releases an aerosol consisting of very fine particles, such as metal, flammable dusts or chemical droplets.

According to the Journal of Military and Veterans’ Health, this cloud flows around objects and into cavities and structures, and may penetrate small openings, such as openings in buildings, bunkers and engine bays of armoured vehicles.

An ignition source then ignites the cloud of particles and their rapid combustion causes and explosion and a vacuum in the surrounding vicinity.

According to reports, Russia is already using a thermobaric rocket system called TOS-1 Buratino, also referred to as a flamethrower.

Oksana Markarova, Ukraine’s ambassador to the United States, told reporters after meeting with members of the US Congress that Russia had used a vacuum bomb.

‘They used the vacuum bomb today,’ Markarova said after a meeting with lawmakers. ‘The devastation that Russia is trying to inflict on Ukraine is large.’

There has been no official confirmation that thermobaric weapons have been used in the conflict in Ukraine, although CNN reported that one of its teams had spotted a Russian thermobaric multiple rocket launcher near the Ukrainian border.

According to reports, Russia is already using a thermobaric rocket system called TOS-1 Buratino, also referred to as a flamethrower.

A thermobaric bomb dropped by the US on Taliban in Afghanistan in 2017 weighed 21,600 pounds and left a crater more than 300 metres (1,000 feet) wide after it exploded six feet above the ground.

The rest is here: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-10563669/How-vacuum-bombs-work-Ukraine-claims-Russia-detonated-one.html

9 thoughts on “What IS a ‘vacuum bomb’? Savage superweapon Ukraine claims Russia has detonated

  1. Thermobaric ordinance isn’t against the g-d Geneva Convention, and can be used for military targets.
    Daily Mail got their heads up their Propagandist asses as usual.
    Fk them Limeys, and fk Geneva.

    1. The US CORP. used the MOAB (nick name ‘Grid Eraser’) in Iraq, and Afghanistan, which is a HUGE thermobaric bomb.
      Not to mention the “vacuum bomb”(sarcasm) being designed to take care of the tunnel systems in Vietnam.
      It ain’t our problem over there.
      Btw, they only show the blue and yellow Ukraine flag and never the black and red Right Sector flag.

      1. Correction.
        The grid eraser is not the nickname for the MOAB. The nickname isfor the US equivalent to the Russian (the name escapes me).
        I believe the ordinance is launched from a M270.
        The MOAB erased multiple grids.

        1. Thanks, Hal. Quite beyond my understanding, but I just came across this:

          Claims of Russian Use of Cluster, Vacuum Munitions in Ukraine Are False – Kremlin:


          How could we ever really know what’s going on over there? And ain’t the whole planet experiencing “crimes against humanity?” Yeah, all eyes on the home-front, on readiness, on The Bill of Rights.


          1. We can’t.
            Especially during.
            Deception is a tool of war.
            Look at all the brain washed stupid fks picking sides without a clue.
            Seems they’re to ignorant of our country’s situation.

    1. Yes.
      It’s an air fuel bomb.
      The first detonation releases the eccelerant material into the air.
      The second detonation blows everything to kingdom come.
      The extreme pressure sucks the air from everywhere available.
      Even out of bunkers, caves, where ever. Scary sh!t.

  2. “How would you like to be killed? By this “allowed” bomb? Or by this “banned” bomb?”


  3. That’s like askin
    Do you wanna get shot with a 22
    Or a 45
    Ummm , neither … is neither an option ?

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