2 thoughts on “What is a woman?

  1. It’s like they’ve all been given the memo. Up with Trannies!!! Now and forever AMEN!!

    I hate having to sift through all the perversion when The Bill of Rights needs to be the focus. But so much is comin’ at the children from every platform. Like the sentencing of pedos. They make it about pre-Internet and post-Internet, as if that determines the intensity of the crime. I see the pedo thing escalating, in movies, on talk shows, with more and more calling for “tolerance.” Or there are just casual references to “some like ’em young.”

    My eyes keep seeing the normalization of child sexual abuse. The criminals should be shot but instead they get slapped on the write and are blessed with compassionate understanding. Sick, sick, sick, and sicker!!!!!!!! Shot!! YESTERDAY!!


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