What is the Real Choice for 2012?

Mitt Romney is saying that he, not Obama, is for the middle class, while Barack Obama is saying, “No, no, I’m for the middle class, not Mitt Romney.” Since the time Obama took office until June of 2012, the middle class has shrunk by 4.8%.  So if Obama is for the middle class, I’d hate to see what it would look like if he was against it.  Romney, on the other hand, as CEO of Bain Capital, shipped thousands of middle class jobs out of our country for profit.  Again, if this is what he considers being for the middle class, the middle class is in big trouble.

The middle class now makes up only 30% of our working population.  So what of the other 40%, the working poor and impoverished?  Well, screw ‘em.  I mean it is not like we have a vote.  In fact, not even the middle class has a vote as shown proof positive at the fraudulent Republican Convention.

I guess all this talk about helping the middle class is nothing more than rhetoric designed to put forth the notion that anyone besides the elite would vote for either one of these scoundrels.  The 2012 presidential election is a farce even as it is just getting started.

Net, we have been, for the past four years, losing more and more jobs as our economy is being moved to other countries.  This, as both of these charlatans were in positions of power and wealth that so separate them from we the people as to make any notion that we rate the smallest consideration in their thoughts, shine as ridiculous.

The bottom line is if Barack Obama is reelected, the destruction of our country will be completed.  And on the other hand if Mitt Romney is elected, the destruction of our country will be completed.  No matter which one is elected, directly there afterward, our military is going to be ordered to attack Iran and Syria.

Our presidency is a pathetic joke.  To think that either one of these corporate lapdogs is or would be free to make any decision on his own is preposterous.  Both are bought and paid for and will do exactly what they are told by those who own them, who are the international corporate mafia that is hell bent on stealing our every resources and leaving us as slaves in a third world hell hole.  All this election is for is a stalling tactic designed to leave us uncertain as to what to do.

We cannot run, we cannot hide.  And our choice has nothing to do with the 2012 election.  It is simply this, slavery and genocide, yes or no?

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

7 thoughts on “What is the Real Choice for 2012?

  1. “The middle class now makes up only 30% of our working population.”

    To be perfectly honest Henry, I didn’t think there was that much of it left.

    “It is simply this, slavery and genocide, yes or no?”

    You already know the answer to that, as far as those of us who post here, but as far as the sheeple are concerned?

    Only time will tell.

    1. You have to remember, the “working force” in its totality has been reduced by a third. The 30% figure refers to 30% of what is left…and that ain’t much.

  2. “We cannot run, we cannot hide. And our choice has nothing to do with the 2012 election. It is simply this, slavery and genocide, yes or no?”

    NO! There is another choice. FIGHT!

  3. The rat scum made our choice for us, lets give ’em what they want.

    They have sold us to foriegn powers, and they are getting ready to try and collect. Lets give them what they came here for… some blood

  4. Joe Biden: “bin Laden is dead and General Motors is alive.”

    Life is murdered and the corporate machine is in control.

    The elimination of life is victory and propagation of that which is not life is beneficial.

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