What Most Police Officers Think Of The US Constitution

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Not all officers of the law are bad. Some are actually so good that they are worthy of our praise, condolences, and protection. (Like Darren Wilson, who received death threats for having the nerve to exercise his natural right to self-defense from being fatally assaulted by the store-robbing and old man-beating thug Michael Brown).

But on a normal day, what do most police officers in the United States think about the US constitution? That supreme body of law that they swore to uphold from day one. Do they really care about it so much if they are willing to abide by commands to set up unconstitutional roadblocks, search and seize property without a warrant, or enforce “free speech zones” at events and rallies?  

When you really think about it, here is what most police officers in the United States truly think about the US constitution…

Face the facts. Most police officers swore to uphold the constitution because it was a necessary component of their induction ceremony. No induction equals no job, and no job equals no paycheck. People will metaphorically roll their eyes and swear to uphold anything if it means the difference in bringing home the bacon or not.

If the constitution is something a lot of them really don’t have “the feels” for, then you obviously need to possess it for yourself. Because you cannot count on the police to follow the rules, nor abide by the limitations on authority that the document is supposed to enforce.

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10 thoughts on “What Most Police Officers Think Of The US Constitution

  1. The author isn’t nearly as “ingenious” as he thinks he is, and in fact, I’m hard-pressed to avoid calling him a complete idiot that’s suffering from an advanced case of TV brainwashing.

    Darren Wilson probably did act in self-defense, but who wouldn’t? That and his alleged death threats are no reason to assume he’s worthy of “praise, condolences, and protection.”

    “Not all officers of the law are bad. Some are actually so good that they are worthy of our praise, condolences, and protection.”

    No one has been able to name one for me yet, and Darren Wilson is no hero either. If just ONE of the pig bastards decided to arrest another cop without being ordered to by a superior I’d be pleasantly surprised. How many murders, rapes, and robberies did Darren Wilson participate in, or turn his back on so his “brother officers” could escape justice?

    We’re far beyond discussing how cops feel about the constitution because we already know they’ve been tasked with destroying it, and the more pertinent question would ask “What do most cops think about killing, robbing, and raping civilians?”

    Go back to your TV set, “Ingenious Press”, because I’m sure you’ll be able to find a cop to idolize on every channel. When you find one that exists in the real world you can write another article about him.

    Everyone else has to realize that there will always be a number of people who utterly refuse to accept the truth, and will instead always cling to the images that were burned into their brain by the television. The truth is too different from what they grew up believing, and some people just cannot let go of their imaginary security blankets.

    1. Since Wilson came up, can I ask a question that’s been bugging me about that? I’m not trying to be a smart ass.
      I read the autopsy, I saw the police sketch and what few pics I could find and my question is, how could he be in fear for his life, if A, Brown’s body and most shell casings were in the 145_155+ feet range from the cruiser, B, there was no stipling to be found on Brown’s hands or body or any wounds, and C, he allegedly made a move to get out of his car and confront two very large disrespectful men, alone?

  2. They simply cannot acknowledge the truth, it would destroy their fantasy world. Like Bill Hicks said, “This has to be real”, my big bank account, my cabin up north, my “squeeze on the side”. “If I just close my eyes, all this bad stuff will go away”.

  3. The point of the article was that the cops don’t respect the constitution and the reason is that they do not work for government, they work for privately owned corporations. Police departments are privately owned corporations, stocks traded on the London stock exchange, just like the prison system and the “justice” system. They are doing business with you, not enforcing legitimate laws or anything.

    1. That puppet dog on David Letterman would encapsulate how cops feel about our Constitution, “It’s for me to poop on”!

    2. Hey Neo
      I did the Dunn and bradstreet search for “MY” city, city police, county, state, all the way to potus. ALL where listed under multiple variations of spellings and addresses.

      Im with ya man!

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