15 thoughts on “What my beagle does when we are not home

  1. You know that I got a beagle don`t ya Admin. yea they are cool but they sure can get into trouble when they want your attention. My damned beagle acts lke that at night when I`m sleeping. 🙂 Yea, Ya cannot get mad or angry at him when he shows those pitiful big eyes when he gets caught getting into trouble 🙂 Yea, typical beagle 😆 they are cool with out a mean bone in their body. 🙂

    1. The only thing missing is the look of innocence with the “What Me?!” look when owner comes home and say”What The F#$K!”.

      1. Ha yea James, that big eyed innocent look they give ya. you cannot be angry at them for long – atleast I can`t. Heck of it is is that my beagle is as worthless as worthless can be, but he is as good as a good buddy can be to give him a little credit anyway. I bet mr.beagle got set up by the owner to do this 😆 😎

  2. In the dog’s mind, your family is his “pack”, and as a member of that pack he’s entitled to his cut of whatever food is procured.
    When he smells juicy steaks being cooked, and gets fed a bowl of Purina rocks, he knows he’s being screwed out of his fair share. You should expect some resentment for that.
    My dog eats what I eat. I cook a little extra, and give him his cut. He’s never stolen any food, and he’s never chewed up my sneakers. He’s a complete gentleman about steaks being left on the counter to thaw, because he knows he’ll get is fair share when I give it to him.

    The poor dog in the video is only looking for what was stolen from him.

    1. Every time we BBQ I cook a little sausage for the dogs. I even baste it with sauce. Now, every time I uncover the grill, they start drooling.
      We are going through heart worm treatment now though. It aint a lot of fun. We have a german shepherd and a basset hound living in our bedroom for the next two and a half months.

  3. Nothing more telling than the curled lip of guilt. I think the Beagle has been copying some of his Dumpacrap Party neighbors. I’m sure the Lab must be a Tea Partier, a dog that just can’t lie & not show guilt …..Happy New Year & continue to battle for Liberty, Freedom, Justice & Truth

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