What really happened at the West, Texas fertilizer plant?

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What really happened to the West, Texas fertilizer plant?

I hate to say this folks but in case you did not investigate this tragic event yourself we are looking at yet another false flag!!  

West Plant

The West fertilizer plant before the explosion – Centre bottom car park was were it was filmed from

 <> on April 18, 2013 in West, Texas.

After the explosion – car park location is over in the top left corner……there is a crater at centre front

I know that you are not going to believe this as most of you just simply accept what you are shown or read about but when those better informed people dig deeper we see the same old traits coming out that is now common place in all “False Flag Incidents” and this particular one is no exception!!

Obviously is is beyond me as to why such an event was staged but normally is is used as a diversionary tactic to take away the focus on some other world event or even another false flag such as the Boston Marathon Bomb. Again we see immediately prior to the event an exercise taking place and certainly this was the case in West at the time of this disaster.

Hospital exercise


It also so happens that this plant was in a legal battle with that notorious company Monsanto which is explained below:

Monsanto, which is the defendant in a federal would-be class action lawsuit filed in 2007 by Texas Grain Storage, Inc, the company now known as West Fertilizer Co. Sometime around 1970, West entered into a business relationship with Monsanto that continued for decades, and the lawsuit (in which many documents remain sealed) appears to center on a 1997 contract between the two companies, under which West agreed to annual purchases of the herbicide Roundup.

In the case apparently filed in 2008, Texas-Grain-now-known-as-West has been represented by some 30 lawyers at a dozen firms. The most recent filing in the case was in 2010, when a Texas magistrate judge ruled against making the case a class action. West has appealed and the appeal is still pending.

Soon after the fertilizer plant explosion, Waco police on the scene said the cause was unknown. No cause has been officially announced yet.

Nevertheless, USA Today confidently assured the world that blowing up West Fertilizer was “not terrorism-related.”

More opaquely, a Monsanto spokesman said on April 18, “The long dormant lawsuit filed by Texas Grain had nothing to do with fertilizer or the operation of the West, Texas plant.”


It  became obvious to me and other investigators that it was Monsanto who had turned to Blackwater for increased security, intelligence and to infiltrate activist groups. Obviously one would have to be asking was there a connection between this disaster in West and Blackwater? It is also fact that Blackwater in some respects is better equipped than our military and do have aircraft, helicopters and missiles etc so maybe this could throw some light on this accident………rather a coincidence that it was another security company and the CIA/FBI that were possibly linked to the Boston Marathon False Flag!!


With this in the background lets now look at actual events and prove that something else occurred during the initial fire that caused such devastation.

First of all I would like to explain my own involvement in such facilities when I became responsible for Fire, Security and Ambulance at an extremely large facility that housed Domestic Gas, LNG, Major Supply Base and Warehouses and a  Marine Base etc……..the facility had a main road down the middle nearly 5 km long so it was a major facility. I also successfully completed live fire training with the states fire training facility which included a major gas fire. My other qualification at the time was a dangerous good referral officer.

The initial start of this fire was in some respects very typical with hazardous materials at various locations stored within. However, events that led to how this initial fire got out of control is of some concern. It is the responsibility of the company to review its fire and safety practices and at the same time work in conjunction with the state and local authorities to safeguard the facility and the residents in the region……..this also extends to the local fire and ambulance authority who should carry out regular audits of what is contained within the facility and how to deal with such emergencies.

For some reason this fire accelerated out of control and may well have been helped along with a thermo nuclear type weapon which I will cover further down in this article.


Early stages of the fire – Note this shot is taken from the southern end of the complex and shows the fire between the grey tank in the foreground  and the larger tank further back on the right. The angle of this photograph is shown below:

Location of initial fire

Above photograph possibly taken from the intersection in the centre  foreground

To attack this fire from the upwind position should have been relatively easy with direct access from the centre road and the dirt road going into the complex…….obviously elements of risk exist prior to going in (volatility of the products held within etc) but this would have been known to the local fire brigade who frequently rehearse for such events prior to such incidents.


The next aspect we must consider are the pictures and video’s available at the time of the disaster, what were the colour characteristics of the fire, where did it start (or appear to start) and how did it spread with such devastating consequences………this aspect alone shows me that some very serious flaws existed with the possibility of outside help in the acceleration of this fire…….so let’s look at this in the group of photographs shown below:

west 12

The fire in the early stages appears to be coming from the white office complex in the the centre of the facility and the wind is blowing in a northerly direction towards the large tank……….one would thus assume that if the tank is containing a volatile substance it would go up next but I believe this was not the case and something else appears on the scene further to the north of this tank………see the side profile of the complex taken from the same angle as this photograph

Side view of fire

The white roofed building shows clearly from this angle with the other larger building in the foreground and still intact


Now we turn to the crucial videos  that was taken from the corner of a carpark and another taken from what appears to be from the High School……………..you will see that  something rather dramatic occurs well away from the fire or the tanks taken from different angles.

First from near the High School:

 West sequence

In the top left we see a conventional fire and suddenly a blinding flash (bottom Left…….) you can ascertain that the fire is behind a building…………..then on the third sequence (second top left) it turns into a sort of thermo nuclear explosion and certainly not centred on the large tank……then this bomb or missile kicks up the earth and eventually  mushrooms up to a significant height…………..when one has studied the nature and colour of such explosions it is relatively easy to see that the core temperature creates difference intensities…….thus these sequences would indicate an intense white heat possibly in the region of 5000c and this can normally only occur with the use of uranium or depleted uranium.


Now two shots taken from a car park on the other side (western side) showing the building/s well alight but the large tank at this stage has not ignited……on the second photograph below it shows a mysterious  flash in the sky well to the left (north) of the the main fire with no explanation as to how this explosion occurred when there was no fire nearby to ignite it……..especially when the tank immediately next to the fire still has not exploded!!

 West Seq 2

What caused this flash to the left of the main fire?……….a nuclear type bomb or missile?

Was it an air burst, aerial bomb/missile or a planted on site bomb?

Whatever it was it created a large crater within the complex and the blast appears to have been diverted between the structures and out to the west and the adjacent buildings resulting in substantial damage!!!

The crater can be seen in the second photograph at the start of this article (centre front) and a more details view is shown below:

 west 5

The crater looking across the facility to the west……certainly looks like a bomb or missile crater and no tank or building existed at this location


Certainly no conventional explosion

Now you can take a look at two of the videos taken from two totally different locations:


And another video taken from a south easterly location looking diagonally across the complex……this video actually show fire trucks at location and then the giant unexplained inferno that followed:



 West 2

As viewed from afar

 west 10

The explosion created a significant signature that is similar to a nuclear device


So there you have it folks……..you decide for yourself…..I am certainly convinced based on my long term investigations in WMD and their associated characteristics.


22 thoughts on “What really happened at the West, Texas fertilizer plant?

  1. Oh yeah. I saw a video (posted here, if I remember correctly) showing a flash coming in (like a missile) before the explosion, and the soundtrack seemed to indicated a missile too.

    It doesn’t surprise me at all. The false flags are endless now. No sooner than one is exposed as a hoax, another occurs to distract you from the first one. Seems to me like things are heating up real quick.

  2. I see, a “Hit” by Monsanto. interesting “timing”…TG&S has had a history of being against Monsanto.

      1. Hi Angel,

        Although I would not put it pass them to blow it up just to get iinsurance to pay for a rebuild,…. it still requires gov’t knowledge/assistance or the fire investigators will peg this for an insurance job in about 5 seconds,.. then criminal proceedings would ensue besides lossing all insurance payout.


        1. Hi JD,
          I’m not saying that the gv’t isn’t “in bed with them”. I do see it as part of a plan, rather than an “accident” in a fertilizer plant (which have happened since the first barn, even worse, sillo). 🙂 Fertilizer plant explosions have been nothing new since their creation. This one was different.

  3. My Fellow Americans:

    Although I am suspicious of this “event”, and understand the Monsanto connection, my question is: Why would they blow it up?

    To generalize the question a bit more: Why would anyone have an interest in blowing this place up?

    One other question: When DHS bought all that Ammonium Nitrate ( a fertilizer) about a year ago, is this the company &/or plant that produced it?

    JD – US Marines – Even when these pyschos blow something up for fun,.. they always have something to gain by doing so,… so,.. what is the angle here other than a Monsanto grudge match?

    1. What’s really interesting JD is they cancelled an Emergency Preparedness Drill at the local hospital because most of the participants were deployed to the site. Just look closely at these drills because they seem to correspond with terror attacks. Someone should write an article about the suspicious nature of planned drills/terror attacks.

      1. Hi Millard,

        Ok,… thgat timing alone tells us this was a contrived event,.. but I still don’t get why they would blow this entire plant up.

        Do you have any thoughts on specifically why they went thru all the effort it took to do this (especially if a missle was involved!)?

        Thanks – JD

        1. Good question JD, could have been a planned distraction to take the focus off the botched Boston Bombing debacle. You know, contingency plans.

        2. JD, as sadistic as it sounds, I think they did it for shits and grins. They can do it. They are now so arrogantly open about it. They love rubbing sheoples noses in it.
          Sick Forks

    2. They are (and saw it coming) being Banned from Everywhere, Except the USA.
      Eliminate those in the “Friendly USA” who stand Against them, discretely/accidentally.

      1. I tried to edit that, but it didn’t go through. “They are” should have been “Monsanto is”.
        Mob Hit with the Gvn’t turning a blind eye, greased palms, all about $$$ and control

        1. I’m saying this because of TGSI’s history with Monsanto. West has always been a town of Plant workers (think black lung coal mining towns). As far as the “Powers that Be” are concerned, the people are Expendable. It’s all about Business survival.

  4. Blowing this plant up with conventional explosives then claim ammonium nitrate wiped it out could give them many tons of explosive commonly used by so-called terrorists, equipping them for many false-flag truck bombs and so on.

    Another concern is private companies having their own armies as well as police forces. This is extremely sinister because of operations outside the law, or within laws their own people investigate, because they can operate with impunity and no accountability. Commerce has no morals and will kill.

  5. Cash rules, the greed is stronger than a crack urge. What ever happened here, big cash changed hands. Only 20 miles from Waco for whatever thats’ worth…

      1. Thanks Enbe, who knows, maybe the Boston Bombing was the distraction to make tons of fertilizer “disappear”. Look for a Murrah building type terrorist explosion blamed on militia to further push their agenda. They probably have their “patsies” already in position. I’d put nothing past them at this point.

  6. “It also so happens that this plant was in a legal battle with that notorious company Monsanto which is explained below:”

    This lights up my eyes like Christmas lights as to who did it and why. Monsanto needs to be wiped off the face of the Earth. Period! These bastards are way out of control.

    This reminds me of the last season of the show, “Supernatural” where the Demonic Leviathans own a large food company like Monsanto in order to implant disgusting ingredients in their foods that make people lazy, demented, fat and traumatized like slaves after eating the food and no one can take them down until the end of the season. Almost as if Hollywood was sending a message or rubbing it in our faces.

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