What Shall We Do With The Tyranny We Are Faced With?

NC Renegade – by Wes Rhinier

I have struggled to find the words to write an article as of late. I don’t know what else there is left for me to say. It seems we are destined to just wait for the inevitable collapse of our society. Will we fight?

Everybody wants us to win this battle and there is going to be a war, a war between brothers, between families, between friends. There will be much tragedy in this Civil War/Revolution. So I understand the reluctance to speak out, or act.

We know who we are. It is our time to stand against this darkness, this evil. It’s why we were born. It is time for us to be the warriors we have trained to be, that we know we are. It is time to quit sitting idly by and watching evil gain ground while the world burns.

This isn’t someone else’s war, it’s our war, no one is coming to save us. It’s all up to us. I personally have exhausted all peaceful means. I have tried to work within the system and do the right things to no avail. Not everyone will be war fighters, I understand that, but I will not participate in this “voting” farce that so many seem to think can get us out this mess come next year. For those of you who have been sharpening your swords and don’t know what time it is, I can’t show you the clock.

This is going to be the greatest war the world has ever seen. It is going to make all other wars pale in comparison. Honestly, I just wanted to be left alone. I wanted to raise my family in peace. Sadly, that is not to be. This other side, they hate us with every fiber of their being, and they want us dead. Well, the feeling is now mutual.

Prepare yourselves for what is to come. Fear not, for we are on the right side of History and when we win this, we will get to write the History Books.

Time is short, but it is time to fight. It is time to rid the world of communism.

This War will never be forgotten, nor will the heroes who secure freedom for the future generations.

It is time to Declare Our Independence from this Tyranny we are faced with.

Have Faith Gentlemen. May God Have Mercy On Us All.


NC Renegade

9 thoughts on “What Shall We Do With The Tyranny We Are Faced With?

  1. Thank you, Norm. Except for a few little things, this really is a glaring snapshot of where we are. I know it’s not going to be a “civil war.” And it’s not about left/right. But stepping away from that, this piece was both chilling and inspirational. It put me in full-blown catharsis and for a moment I felt all the suffering of the world and the burden that comes with that, the obligation to address it. I guess a good cry was needed. Once in a while we just gotta let the tears come. Guess that’s why we have tear-ducts. And we empty out and start again. But it felt good to know there are other fighters out there. Many carry a sadness along side their strength, bravery, determination. They are out there, our people, and knowing that brings more tears, for I see the true spirt of free mankind and I so believe in us. I see the beauty and the grit. The saint and the savage. I see warriors. Rising.


    1. Nice Galen, yes I found this link to ncrenegade site I’ve seen interesting stuff before there

      It seems many are truly finally realizing how late in the day it is and there is No fixing the system using the system

      And what this means for those of us whom understand that only the harshest responses will ever allow for us to reclaim our birthrights

      It is quite simple, which is why they have thrown the smoke screens and masks up to misdirect away from the purity of the Bill of rights

      For that is the bane of their goals for totalitarianism…

      We will win, they will throw everything at us, blue helmets, biologicals, faux terror attacks anything and everything to try and win

      Eventually they will try to usurp us from within our own ranks of those whom would trade Our liberty for control and mammon…ie the Tories

      Our exposing them now as Henry and others have done will make them
      Naked for when they try

      Aloha Norm

  2. I can’t seem to shake that profound quote from the article:

    “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and day you find out why.”

    What if all people of the world asked themselves why they were born? I’m sure there would be many humorous responses, and some ironical or speculative. Some concluding it was just a biological emergence or even an accident. But if it was genuinely asked and genuinely responded to, I wonder what we would get.

    Why were you born?


    1. I am on my 8th life, no bs. 7 times in my life i should have, by rights, cashed in my chips. Each time I was spared from death. I have contemplated this over the years and I had came to the conclusion that there had to be something that I was supposed to do, but had not done yet. Each time it was touch and go, God said not yet.
      Maybe this is it.
      Maybe I was born to participate in this.

      1. Hey Brian, I’m glad you took a shot at this, and thanks for your story. Got me thinkin’… Why were we born? Maybe each moment reveals that to us. Maybe that purpose changes according to what’s up. So the answer is different for everyone. But currently… I share with you in your response: Right now, this is why I am here, this halting of EVIL, this fight for freedom. I do that so some day I could answer that “why” question with: “I’m here to enjoy the creation and to share love with those around me.” Seems to be the main reason I fight. Also, I HATE BEING TOLD WHAT TO DO!! Ha! Just had to throw that in.


  3. Thank you Norm,
    And all posters here at the trenches for keeping those who want truth on there plate. Been coming here for almost 10 years now, you are one of my hidden sources for info I share on multiple sites.
    Keep up the good work you are needed.

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