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The US has purchased six patrol boats for the Rio Grande at $550,000 a piece, adding to the burden US taxpayers are bearing in what seems to be a futile attempt to shut down our southern border.  A recent story in the mainstream showed what is a new wave of invasion, and why not?  Where is the deterrent as the dictator Obama is now saying, “Come one, come all.  Once you get here you will be provided for and eventually all that is America will be yours through our insurgent campaign of attrition.”

Mexico’s Presumptive President Enrique Pena Nieto, in an interview on CNN, condemned Arizona’s attempt to stop the Mexican invasion into their state, calling it discriminatory and saying the invaders from Mexico are crucial to the United States’ economic development.

Nieto also indicated that we here in the United States need to become even more involved in fighting the Mexican drug war.  However he made it clear that legalization is not an option he will consider.  In other words, we are to continue paying for the drug war as the US and Mexican governments continue to be enriched, not only through the trade of drugs and arms, but also through the phony war to stop them.

The Mexicans are staunch in their defense of their sovereignty while at the same time denouncing the contention of any US sovereignty.  They would have our people disarmed and impoverished for the benefit of Mexico and Mexico’s people.  They believe Mexicans should be able to cross into our country and be exempt from our laws.  However if our people do the same in their country, no excuse is acceptable.

Mexico, in comparison to the United States, is no match for our power.  So why are we the people tolerating this outrage?  Is this not the absolute proof of the international socialist insurgency that has infiltrated our highest seats of government?  Is this not proof that we the American people are being dispossessed and replaced by a peasant population from Mexico?  Next will come the renewed cries to disarm we American citizens for Mexico.

Enough is enough.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  We have soundly beaten the Mexicans twice in military conflicts in our history and it is way past time to do it again.  If Mexico is such a weak country that it cannot control its own people and take care of its own affairs than we should conquer it and make it a US colony.

Mexico is rich in resource but right now that resource is being reserved for a handful of ultra elitist families that in reality rule the country.  So let us not only conquer them and put them under our control, but let’s make them pick up the bill.

If they want to be subservient to the US government, then so be it but let’s make that subservience to a restored Republic of, for, and by we the people.  Let’s teach the Mexicans a lesson.  They have sought to take everything we have.  Let us conquer and enslave them for a while, after which maybe they will be content to stay in their own country and leave us alone.

7 thoughts on “What to do about Mexico

  1. Where can I get a hat like that? It may come in handy in the near future, seeing as I don’t live far from the Mexican border.

    A real country with resolve would
    1.) Take over Mexico militarily without firing a shot. By…….
    2.) First, declare Mexico to be the 51st State in the U.S.
    3) All Mexicans over 16 sign up immediately for their Social Security number, and BEGIN PAYING INTO THE US Social Security Trust fund as soon as possible. That will be over 50 million new payees!
    4.) All land becomes Fully own-able by any US citizen anywhere in the new State of Mexico, same as any other state.
    5.) Tons of “frekin oil” and all kinds of other “raw resources” now are injected into the US economy.
    6.) A “Cheap” Labor zone in the US Mexican State.

    The list goes on and on.

    Cause, that is what would happen. At the beginning.

    1. Oh yeah, sure. And then we would have the Guatemalans pouring across our southern border. I like the United States just the way it is, or at least just the way it will be when we kick these foreigners out and begin enforcing our borders.

      1. If Mexico was the 51st state us americans could take over the drug trade and sell the drugs to other forein land and we maybe could even get some of them guns for drugs back ! just kidding. Hell then Obama could always go to Mexico, smoke his dope and never even leave the country.. just kidding. ha ha ha

  3. @ NC: That was my first impression, too, but that hat really caught my attention! That thing could double as a life preserver, no?

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