12 thoughts on “What’s with the horns on Barry’s head?

  1. WTF did you expect… a halo? We could dip him in liquefied bronze and polish him — but he will still be the same excrementitious oBMa.

    1. Yes, Inretrospect, I would expect a halo.

      I’m not suggesting that he deserves one, but it’s common practice to photograph presidents’ heads before a circular object that provides that subconscious association. It wouldn’t surprise me if someone is losing their job over the photo we see here.

      1. Your right, J.R. — I also remember G.W. Bush with halos in many of his pictures. Of course, “W” did claim to be a “Good Born-Again Christian” (only in his diluted, inebriated mind).

  2. I heard on the radio last night that if you watch the live video of the speech those drapes and treatments aren’t there. Someone photoshopped the pic to put that in there.

  3. So the photoshopped tassels are red, instead of the usual (war) gold?

    Signifying communism, I’m assuming.

    The red tie HAS to be photoshopped as well?

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