Wheaties cereal found to contain so many metal fragments that they can be levitated with magnets

metal fragmentsNatural News – by Mike Adams

Wheaties breakfast cereal, manufactured by General Mills, has been found to contain so many microscopic fragments of metal that individual flakes can be lifted and carried using common magnets, a Natural News Forensic Food Lab investigation has found and documented. Photos of the microscopy investigation are posted now at labs.naturalnews.com

A video demonstrating Wheaties flakes clinging to magnets has also been posted at YouTube:  

The metal bits are added to Wheaties cereal to enhance the nutritional profile and claim a higher iron content on the label, but lab director and food scientist Mike Adams is skeptical of the formulation. “Adding shards of metal to a cereal is not nutritionally equivalent to nutritive minerals formed during the growth of grain-producing plants,” he explains. “Bioavailability is vastly different.”

Adams believes adding metal fragments to a cereal mix in an effort to claim a higher nutritional content on the box is “inherently deceptive” and points out that the manufacturer, General Mills, has also sold other deceptively-labeled cereals such as “TOTAL Blueberry Pomegranate” which contains no blueberries nor pomegranates.

Here’s the shocking video of Mike Adams revealing Wheaties to contain shards of metal fragments while being lifted by magnets:

And here are some of the microscopy photos showing metal fragments in the Wheaties cereal (look for the small metallic shapes)

About the Natural News Forensic Food Lab

The Natural News Forensic Food Lab routinely conducts scientific testing of consumer products in the public interest, using atomic spectroscopy, microscopy and ingredient identity testing to better inform the public about what they’re eating. Results of all investigations are published at http://labs.naturalnews.com

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/043633_Wheaties_cereal_metal_fragments_magnetic.html#ixzz2rGoYFMGe

5 thoughts on “Wheaties cereal found to contain so many metal fragments that they can be levitated with magnets

  1. Hey Paul,

    I heard about this same thing several years ago, except it was corn flakes if I’m not mistaken. Either that, or I’m having a major case of deja vu! 🙂

    1. Joyce Reilly on the Power Hour reported this over three years ago.
      She is very informative.

      Don’t overlook the 4 year old McDonald hamburger.
      There is enough preservatives in it to render your body still intact and looking great one hundred years after death if you consume them. You can skip embalming altogether.

  2. Okay, It’s not deja vu, if you go to utube, you will find many videos about this subject. I would imagine nearly all cereals on the market have a high concentration of metals disguised as iron.

    Yeah Mark, you got it, our daily dose of iron. LOL What is disgusting is that they feed us this sh*# and tell us it’s oh so good for us. They just love us, and want us to be healthy. Don’t you feel so loved!?! I’m so glad my family doesn’t consume this crap.

  3. Mike Adams is not a food scientist. This is a kids science experiment.

    These are not metal “fragments” or “shavings” but clumps of food-grade iron powder.
    This bio-available iron can prevent dietary anemia, a common and preventable disease.

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