When Journalism Sells Us Short

So many highly competent journalists are now stopping just short of giving the people solutions for getting out of the mess of tyranny and genocide. I can’t recall how many articles that are absolutely scathing in pointing out the atrocities being visited on all of mankind today, and then their ending paragraph states something like this:

“It’s time to speak out and stand up.”

“Please write your representatives.”

Or this, by a superlative writer:

“In my opinion, higher death counts will occur as time passes, especially for those that take this poisonous injection falsely called a ‘vaccine.’ Months from now will tell the tale, and it won’t be a pretty picture. The solution is total disobedience and dissent by the many. No one can make this happen except each individual, but the more that refuse to comply, the better chance we all have to survive this plotted war against humanity.”
— Gary Barnett

Gee, thanks Gary; that’ll do it for sure.

Very frustrating to read solutions such as these being offered. I mean, to write “representatives” when we know that they serve and are connected to the oppressors!! And for decades we have seen that letter-writing, public-speaking, and even mass protest have not held back the tide of ruthless control threatening not only every aspect of our lives, but also our very lives themselves.

So few (and we know who they are) are offering a way out in terms of encouraging the fight for our Bill of Rights. So few are validating our 2nd Article as the means to bring this about. Some go as far as saying, “I’m not calling for any violence.” And there they stand, betraying the nameless brave of 1775 who fought for their freedom, for our freedom, with everything in them.

I hold accountable all who fall short in defining the mission ahead. It is now they who, through their half-measures are serving up compliance and delaying the return of Liberty.

2 thoughts on “When Journalism Sells Us Short

  1. Thank you, Galen. They too are complicit for softening the mettle for the only solution to beating these bassturdsback to hell from whwhence they came so they could NEVER return as they’ve done so repeatedly.

  2. journalists are complicit…and are also traitors to the people and our Bill of Rights ..should be hung with the rest of them … BAM!

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