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When Policemen Break the Law…

Published on May 30, 2010

…then there isn’t any law…

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9 Responses to When Policemen Break the Law…

  1. Mark Schumacher in LV says:

    Drop em!……..

  2. Sunfire says:

    I like how they added chemtrails at the .50 mark but then they quickly disappear.

    • 'ol stewbum says:

      I noticed the same damn thing. Touching up old movies to make it look like chemtrails have been around forever.
      I dare ’em to fixup those fancy sky paintings on the ceiling in that old church in Italy. Cistene Chapel, or sumpin like it. Michelangelo might turn over in his grave, and come raging out!!

      • Peter says:

        The Sistine Chapel restoration was completed in December 1989….I kept the beautiful photos from magazines before this thing called the internet with images.

    • Martist says:

      Yep. :52 :55 :57. I’ve worked on a computer tech savvy guy who was hired to do such deeds for “period pieces”. Has his own small photoshop business. He’s also done work for national geographic.

    • morris adams says:

      and i thought i was the smart guy!! i even slowed to half speed to get it right! 52-57secs, visible in both scenes. 58, gone. i also like how they looked like devil horns over the tree. it’s truly disgusting and you know they added them ’cause Billy woulda been fighting that had it existed at the time! good catch, you guys.

  3. Peter says:

    Just so the young people ( especially ) know the clip is from the 1971 movie titled Billy Jack. Dump some white flour on the dark skinned children and he might go berserk!

  4. Crazy Harry says:

    Billy”Badass”Jack for prez. This people of this country need to take that Billy Jack attitude as the citizens against the corrupt law enforcement and government.

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