9 thoughts on “When Supporting Ukraine is Your New Identity

  1. james yeager approves this message! Apparently that trumpanzee is planning to volunteer for the Ukraine because, you know, everything is hunky dory here. He’s even trying to recruit others. Traitorous fool.

    1. It’s unbelievable to see how many have so quickly aligned with the side of the mainstream. Remember when the mainstream was anathema, an albatross around the neck of the truth? Ha! Still is. But fools will be fools.

      Hypnosis is so un-hip.




      1. Yep! Unfortunately it’s quite “believable” or even expected these days galen. This just always comes to mind every time now…

      2. This poor fella is to be pitied. His IQ has a decimal point in front of it. Just looking at the way he moves, he’s never fought anybody in his whole life. I’m 60 years old and have no doubt in my mind I could beat him unconscious in under fifteen seconds.
        Any crap like this out there just shows how desperate they are.
        I hope somebody in his neighborhood gives him a good ass stomping, just for being the dickhead he is.
        Truly pathetic.

        1. He says he’s got als and wants a “last hoorah” of sorts. I guess he wants go out in a blaze of glory, Henry. Pathetic is definitely the key word and that decimal point certainly preceeds his IQ, but may even be followed by a 0!

          1. Hell, maybe two, maybe three, maybe more. This is one dumb son of a bitch. 🙂

        2. Henry, did you see the military is complaining that the new recruits are not capable of becoming soldiers? Apparently their bone structure and muscles never fully developed due to excessive time spent sitting around and playing video games during childhood. They are getting more boot camp injuries and they are having to discharge the young recruits.

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